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Alternative or complementary therapies are generally viewed as using a more holistic approach to physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health. This means that, instead of looking at individual symptoms, the practitioner will often try to understand how the symptoms may relate to processes that are taking place throughout all levels of your being. Whilst conventional medicine is mostly about alleviating the symptoms, complementary medicine tends to work with the cause as well as the effect, thereby leading you to a better understanding of how you can have a healthier life.

Use this website to learn more about the world of alternative and complementary therapies, find a course or a holistic medicine practitioner using our directories, read the articles on natural health and check the holistic health news section.

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Dru Yoga
Regular class
Rafford, IV36 2RU Morayshire

Tai Chi / Taiji
Regular class
Stockport Cheshire


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Complementary and alternative medicines (CAMs) are a range of holistic therapies that generally consider the whole body, mind and spirit