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Liven up your Libido

Article written by Donna Milligan

Lack of libido or sex drive is a surprisingly common problem but one which many people shy away from discussing with friends or even a medical professional. It can cause relationship problems and for some contribute to mild depression. Psychological, emotional and physical factors including poor diet, nervous disorders, hormone imbalance and stress can affect your sex drive and a lack of libido can also be a side effect of some medications.To perk up your libido naturally consider :


Zinc is a mineral that can boost fertility and is a precursor to the male sexual hormone testosterone- important not just for men but women should also have a small amount of testosterone too . For a man it can also help maintain semen volume but it is lost under stress and with poor diet. Zinc rich foods include eggs, cheese, peanut butter, oysters (hence their reputation as an aphrodisiac), sardines, beef, lamb, dark turkey meat, brazils and pumpkin seeds.

Vitamins B6 A and E .

These necessary vitamins are needed for the production of sex hormones B6 is found in potatoes, tuna, avocados, bananas and kidney beans and Vitamins A and E are found in oily fish, green leafy veg, liver, nuts and seeds. Vitamin C and the mineral magnesium are important for the sexual organs to function optimally. So add to the diet citrus fruits, pepper, green leafy veg, sunflower and pumpkin seeds ,mangoes and kiwi fruit. A very low fat diet should be avoided as fats especially cholesterol are needed in small amounts to make sexual hormones. A high potency quality vitamin and mineral supplement and fish oils would be recommended where the diet is insufficient. Besides dietary changes that you can make to improve your sex drive, there are a number of herbs which can also be helpful. 

Herbal alternatives for low sexual desire range from general aphrodisiacs to herbs that contain nutrients to improve your general health over time. –

  • Horny Goat Weed (No pun intended!) is  believed to affect cortisol levels (the main stress hormones in the body) and to increase sexual desire and performance in both men and women.
  • Ginkgo Increases energy and is said to increase the blood circulation to the peripherals and sexual organs. (Not to be taken with any blood thinning medication).
  • Siberian Ginseng is a tonic that boosts adrenal function  (the adrenals produce  sexual hormones) and helps counter stress.
  • Rhodeola Rosea is a Russian herb that acts as a general tonic and stress adapatagen but is also recommended as a male sexual tonic.

Aromatherapy Essential oils which can help lift mood are scents like ylang ylang, sandalwood, lavender and jasmine can also help you relax,  and may gently aid in improving feelings of sexual desire as well. In addition anything that improves your general health and wellbeing  and lowers stress levels can improve libido so ensure your lifestyle also supports good health. Sometimes low libido can be a sign of other deeper problems within the body so any concerns should be checked by a medical professional.

About the author:

Donna Milligan is a Nutritional and Scio Bioresonance therapist who helps her clients with a range of conditions from IBS, skin and hormonal issues to allergy, mild depression and fatigue among others . Her consultations include Wellness MOTS, Allergy/Intolerance Analysis and Menopause Naturally Consultations as well as postal nutritional consults. Specialises in making programmes suitable for the individual.More info at www.scio-wellness.com or call 01234 838880

Website: http://www.scio-wellness.com

copyright © Donna Milligan


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