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Complementary Healthcare Information Service - UK


The writings published here may or may not reflect the opinions of the people working at CHIS-UK. They are published here to help you develop a greater understanding of the different attitudes and beliefs held by many in the field of holistic health.

Herbs and Natural Healing for Coughs

By Deanna Millard | Date published: 19-11-2013

What is a cough? A cough is an involuntary reflex (it can also be performed voluntarily) and as such is the bodies way of attempting to clear any unwanted secretions or i (more...)
Labels: Herbs & Natural Healing for Coughs

How to Prevent Yourself from Picking up Unwanted Energies from Your Clients

By Simon Heather | Date published: 03-11-2013

Have you ever felt drained after giving healing, listening to someone’s problems or just being with someone? These are all signs of picking up unwanted energies.    (more...)
Labels: aura, energy

The Invisible Dangers from ElectroMagnetic Frequencies

By Liz Barrington | Date published: 03-11-2013

Did you know that all life is bathed in natural low-frequency static ‘electro-magnetic’ fields? Yet, did you realise that most of the electric fields that now envelop us are not actually ‘natura (more...)

A New Caring Trend in Interior Design

By Suzy Chiazzari | Date published: 14-10-2013

International best-selling author SUZY CHIAZZARI, principal of the HOLISTIC DESIGN INSTITUTE in Devon, talks about this fast-growing field of Natural inte (more...)
Labels: caring trend in interior design, natural eco-interiors, holistic natural home, Natural Interior Design, eco-design and holistic design

Remarkable Healing - Regression Therapy

By Doug Buckingham | Date published: 13-10-2013

“Whoever makes all cares into a single care, the care for simply being present, will be relieved of all cares by that (more...)
Labels: Regression, Soul Purpose, Healing,

Past Lives – Beyond an Experience and into Healing

By Andy Tomlinson | Date published: 28-09-2013

Thousands of ordinary people have provided reports of near death experiences, of leaving their body and entering a tunnel. Often they come back with memories of obscure details of the physical envi (more...)
Labels: past life, past lives, reincarnation, past life regression

NLP and Thinking for Success

By Katrina Patterson | Date published: 29-08-2013

NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) is about using what works, the techniques have been gleaned from already successful people.  Don't be surprised if you've read (more...)

The Power of Hypnosis

By Matthew Ferguson | Date published: 07-08-2013

Hypnosis is rapidly evolving from being considered as a stage show entertainment to a recognised treatment for a wide range of psychological and physiological challen (more...)

Meditation - Dealing with Distractions

By Julie Smith | Date published: 02-08-2013

Distractions come in many forms and can be triggered by internal or external sources. It is important to recognise that being „distracted is part of meditating. Simp (more...)

Liven up your Libido

By Donna Milligan | Date published: 25-07-2013

Lack of libido or sex drive is a surprisingly common problem but one which many people shy away from discussing with friends or even a medical professional. It can cause relationship problems and f (more...)

Sleep on It

By Karen Martin | Date published: 23-07-2013

One of life's great pleasures and necessities, you can't beat a goodnight's sleep. Most people suffer from insomnia at some point in their lives.In fact, more than half of us will h (more...)

Nine Home Remedy Tips for Dyspepsia, Heartburn, Acid-reflux and Indigestion

By Joy Healey | Date published: 22-07-2013

If you, or someone you know, has to deal with dyspepsia, heartburn, acid-reflux or indigestion, you will know just how painful and embarrassing it can be. Frequent distressing complic (more...)
Labels: heartburn relief, dyspepsia treatment, indigestion remedy, natural remedies for heartburn

What if all we have been taught on anger is… wrong?

By Piercarla Garusi | Date published: 18-07-2013

We might have been taught that anger is bad, that we should not show anger, that we should push it down, that we should not be angry, that anger is not spiritual, that we should not show anger i (more...)

Staying healthy during summer

By Kay Scott | Date published: 16-07-2013

You may be noticing that you have more energy at the moment- what a difference the sun makes to our lives! In Chinese medicine terms summer is associated with the element of Fire, and (more...)

What is Anxiety?

By Geraldine Marsh | Date published: 13-07-2013

As I write this article, I experience the beginnings of anxiety. My palms start to sweat, my stomach feels unsettled, and my heart pounds. Will it be well written? (more...)
Labels: anxiety

The cause of all problems

By Piercarla Garusi | Date published: 07-07-2013

The cause of all problems in the world is the lack of self-love. Unfortunately we are programmed not to love ourselves. For some teachings, loving ourselves is selfish. (more...)

The Therapy of Vedic Astrology

By tricia george | Date published: 03-07-2013

Astrology and Physicians Since ancient times astrology has been used by physicians as the foremost tool for finding out what ailments a (more...)

The Power of Why

By Yvonne Green | Date published: 02-07-2013

Surfing the Internet recently, looking for inspirational videos for my Forum and web site, I've come across a strange phenomenon. There are many lovely videos out there with the usual breathtaki (more...)

What's Your Poison?

By Karen Martin | Date published: 26-06-2013

Whilst it's true that most of us are a long way off needing to take the 12 steps programme, a goodly proportion of the adult population of this country unwind at the end of the day with a glass (more...)

Hypnotherapy - An Overview

By Helen Lesser | Date published: 24-06-2013

 If you have been looking into the possibility of having treatment, or thinking about training to become a hypnotherapist, you will have noticed many different types of therapy available (for ex (more...)

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