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Complementary Healthcare Information Service - UK


The writings published here may or may not reflect the opinions of the people working at CHIS-UK. They are published here to help you develop a greater understanding of the different attitudes and beliefs held by many in the field of holistic health.

Are Your Walking Your Talk?

By Alison McVey | Date published: 23-05-2007

Many people book massages, reiki treatments and other 'pampering' treatments because they are tired. They are low in energy. But if you are tired too, what message is that sending out? (more...)

The Healing Power of Onions

By Wilbraham Homeopathic Clinic | Date published: 12-05-2007

An onion is a vegetable that builds you up physicallyAnd tears you down socially (McKenzie)The Ancients – (more...)

No Matter Where You Are At In Your Life, YOU CAN

By Piercarla Garusi | Date published: 12-05-2007

I was reading through some statistics regarding depression and the percentage of people suffering from this has increased substantially. And I remembered what I often hear from people: 'I have fai (more...)

How to Help Our Human Planet

By Piercarla Garusi | Date published: 03-05-2007

I remember once after one of my talks, someone came up to me asking: 'You were saying that I can have what I want. Well, what I want is peace; how can I have it?' And my answer at that t (more...)

Sail Through With Top Marks!

By Linda Lloyd | Date published: 30-04-2007

It's that time of year again! Whether it's exams for you or at any challenging time, did you know that certain foods can help you boost your performance, concentrate better and improve (more...)

Don't worry - be happy

By Alun Jones | Date published: 30-04-2007

Like it or not, believe it or not, we create the life around us. Now some people might find that difficult to believe or understand, others it seems perfectly natural. Having said all this, the (more...)

Lunar Woman

By Michelle Matthews | Date published: 26-04-2007

The power of the moon has been acknowledged for many hundreds of years, if not thousands of years by many tribal cultures. The moon represents many things, however it has always been seen a (more...)

Asian Massage

By Brandon Raynor | Date published: 24-04-2007

Asian Massage (more...)

The Power of Sound for ‘Wholing’

By Lyz Cooper | Date published: 23-04-2007

Since the beginning of man/woman kind, teachings from all corners of the world have mentioned the power of sound for creation, healing & transformation. The Bible states, “In the beginning wa (more...)

For Children Having Difficulty Getting To Sleep, A Different Kind Of Story.

By Kimberly Willis | Date published: 23-04-2007

A story to use when everyone is tired and your little joy has been trying to go to sleep and now they are overtired. Make sure that they reall (more...)

The Big Outdoors

By Raichael Lock | Date published: 22-04-2007

Educationalists are sending out the message to our schools that taking young people out of the classroom is a good thing. The Department for Education and Skills recently launched the 'Learning (more...)

What Do You Think Your Body Is Telling You?

By Rhona Morris | Date published: 20-12-2006

I was brought up to think, like most people, that illness is something that happens when our body goes wrong and needs fixing. It’s rather like when our car breaks down. We take it to the garage t (more...)

Using Music For Meditation

By R. Pettinger | Date published: 19-12-2006

In meditation we are trying to quieten the mind. If we can stop the usual thoughts of the mind we can go from our ordinary, mundane consciousness to a more peaceful state. Meditation mu (more...)

Cupping Therapy

By Dr John Brazier | Date published: 18-12-2006

Our health & well being (immune system) are totally reliant on the movement of blood, Qi (energy) & body fluids (hormones, lymphatic fluid, etc.). Oriental Medicine teaches us that all pain (more...)

Some Traditions Never Die! A History Of Acupuncture

By Alex Owen BSc. (Hons) TCM, Bachelor of Medicine (Beijing), MATCM | Date published: 04-11-2006

Introduction Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) as it exists today is the result of the Chinese peoples struggle against nature over several millennia’s. From earlie (more...)

Transformational Counseling

By Harry Henshaw, Ed. D., LMHC | Date published: 03-11-2006

Transformational Counseling is a process of assisting others to transform their lives. Transformational Counseling is a process of assisting others in their reinventing themselves, of creating a l (more...)

Everything connects

By Raichael Lock | Date published: 09-10-2006

We all understand that everything we do has an impact. Anyone interested in sustainable development realises that the actions we make have numerous knock-on effects. The theory that has been create (more...)

Awareness of Organic Food

By Niki Jane Senior | Date published: 09-10-2006

Being a practising Druid, and Druidry being an earth based faith, it seemed natural for me to examine the nature of the products in my supermarket shopping basket. What were the events that lead my (more...)

Back Care

By Sarah Williams ITEC MGPP AC registered | Date published: 08-10-2006

Back Pain Have you ever woken up with a sore lower back or a tight neck which is painful for a while until you get moving? Perhaps it doesn’t ease up even then? If s (more...)

Breaking the Reiki Code - Exploring the Reiki Symbols and Mantras through Japanese Philosophy

By Bronwen and Frans Stiene | Date published: 08-10-2006

Current research into the system of Reiki is bringing to light a great deal of hidden knowledge about the system’s beginnings and original intentions. While researching our books, The Reiki S (more...)

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