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Complementary Healthcare Information Service - UK


The writings published here may or may not reflect the opinions of the people working at CHIS-UK. They are published here to help you develop a greater understanding of the different attitudes and beliefs held by many in the field of holistic health.

Simple psychology for therapists

By Dr. John Brazier (TCM) MSc. MBRCP. CCATCM | Date published: 07-10-2006

Do you ever notice words like I do? What I mean is if you look at the title of this article can you really put the word ‘simple’ before ‘psychology’? Psychology is o (more...)

Time For A Change Of Heart?

By Wendy Howard | Date published: 11-06-2006

The World Health Organisation estimates that 17 million people every year die of cardiovascular disease, the collective term for all diseases of the circulatory system including heart attacks and stro (more...)

Creating Possibility For Transformation

By Harry Henshaw, Ed.D., LMHC | Date published: 31-05-2006

Transformational Counseling is about assisting another to transform his life. Transforming ones life is not about changing it. While life is much about doing differently, the genesis of the trans (more...)

Injury Prevention Massage – The Essential Guide to RSI Free Massage

By Jennifer Longmore | Date published: 31-05-2006

Over 5.4 million working days were lost last year to work-related conditions affecting almost ½ million people. It is estimated that 1.2 million workers suffer musculo-skeletal disorders c (more...)

Massage Therapy And Pain Relief

By Clara Hutchinson | Date published: 31-05-2006

As a massage therapist, it is important when treating clients that we are aware when not to diagnose and can refer a client to another therapist if a problem is beyond the realms of our exper (more...)

Chios® Energy Field Healing - The Latest Healing Therapy

By Linda K. Romera | Date published: 25-05-2006

The word "Chios" is from the language of the ancient civilization of Bactria. The closest English (more...)

Practicing Staying Present To The Now

By Harry Henshaw, Ed.D., LMHC | Date published: 25-05-2006

Transformational Counseling is about assisting others to transform their life. Transformational Counseling is a process of assisting others to learn how to let go of the past and live fully in the (more...)

Healing Techniques For Couples

By Linda K. Romera | Date published: 01-04-2006

Working with your partner in the healing process is a beautiful thing to do. Here are a few techniques that you can try with your partner. Exercise 1: White Light Bubble (more...)

The Nitrogen Crisis

By Raichael Lock | Date published: 18-02-2006

Just as humanity begins to face the fact that climate change is really happening, and that it will have a huge impact on human health and the well-being of the planet, a new challenge is emerging. (more...)

Taking Care Of Yourself

By Harry Henshaw, Ed.D., L.M.H.C. | Date published: 13-02-2006

Living in our world today can be very stressful. While some of the stress that we experience is actually useful for motivating us, a point can be reached where it becomes very harmful, physically, (more...)

Reiki In The UK

By Jeanne Long | Date published: 08-02-2006

I first heard a mention of Reiki in the late 1990’s. It started as a murmur then, in true Reiki fashion, I found myself in 1999 taking firstly Reiki 1 then Reiki 11. In the year 2000 I be (more...)

Ten Myths about Life Coaching

By Nicky Michelmore | Date published: 08-02-2006

1. Myth: Life Coaching is therapy in disguise and people can turn to it to avoid the stigma associated with psychotherapy and counselling. Reality: Coaching is (more...)

NLP and Improve Your Eyesight Naturally

By Katrina Patterson | Date published: 08-02-2006

Just for a minute – take off your glasses if you wear them. Take a 3 deep breathes. (If you are reading this on the computer make it 6 because you are probably breathing rather shallowly.) Blink 10 t (more...)

Natural Cholesterol Lowering

By Submitted by Vibrant Life Ltd | Date published: 01-02-2006

Keeping cholesterol levels healthy is a key factor in maintaining a healthy heart and circulatory system. After much consideration by the authorities of both the risks and benefits of statin drugs (more...)

Working with Shiatsu and Autistic Children at Holbrook Centre for Autism 2004

By Frank Forman MRSS | Date published: 03-09-2005

How I started When I started working here I was both excited and apprehensive. I (more...)

Living Abundantly

By Charles Lightwalker | Date published: 31-08-2005

I want to live abundantly, I am not talking money. I have friends who live abundantly; they may or may not have lots' (more...)

Back to Basics: Reiki Second Degree

By Taggart King | Date published: 10-08-2005

People learn Reiki for many reasons and come from an amazing variety of backgrounds, all attending for their own personal reasons. Reiki courses in the UK present a whole variety of approaches, (more...)

NLP with A Dash of Shamanism for Resourcefulness All the Time

By Susanna Bellini | Date published: 05-08-2005

If you’ve done some NLP training, you’ll know about ‘state control’ and you know the first principle for influencing others is that ‘you go there first’ and (more...)

The Origin of Indian Head Massage

By Sandra Howe MSFTR, SAC Dip.(IHM), SNHS Dip.(reflex), Reiki Master Practitioner. | Date published: 04-08-2005

Indian Head Massage has been practised for over 5000 years in India. It was given the name ‘Champissage’ or ‘Champi’, which is where we get our modern term ‘Shampo (more...)

Undiscovered Feelings of Premature Babies

By Robina Hearle | Date published: 19-07-2005

My sister and I were both premature babies.At the time of writing , I am 46 and she is 53.The feelings we experienced at that time have recently surfaced for both of us. We now realise that the fee (more...)

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