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Complementary Healthcare Information Service - UK


The writings published here may or may not reflect the opinions of the people working at CHIS-UK. They are published here to help you develop a greater understanding of the different attitudes and beliefs held by many in the field of holistic health.

Losing Weight Without Being Hungry

By Melanie Mendelson | Date published: 03-07-2003

Many people associate weight loss with being hungry all the time. They're afraid to start a weight loss plan because they want to avoid the frustrations of hunger. And yes, a lot of tim (more...)

The Bowen Technique and Fibromyalgia Relief

By Gerri Shapiro, MS Ed. | Date published: 29-06-2003

Gentle Touch Produces Miracles My Story For as long as I can (more...)

The New Age Movement

By G Kumar | Date published: 28-06-2003

New Age - A Paradigm Shift to Divine Consciousness & a Universal Philosophy The New Age Movement (NAM) is a revival of spiritual and divine values and can be (more...)

A Wholistic Approach To Addictions

By Barrie Anson | Date published: 19-05-2003

I am a homeopath, nutritional therapist and hypnotherapist so when dealing with addiction problems tend to utilise all these approaches. For the purpose of this item let us imagine that the patie (more...)

Feng Shui your Reiki

By Taggart King | Date published: 12-05-2003

Many of you will be familiar with Feng Shui, the Oriental art of placement, where you arrange your living environment to allow smooth flow of chi through your home, eliminating areas where chi wi (more...)

Treating Illness with Diet

By Barrie Anson | Date published: 30-04-2003

The entire human body is made from food plus air and water. This simple but profound statement means the quality of the food that we eat is very important to our health. We are what we eat or rat (more...)

The Fourfold Yoga - Part II

By G Kumar | Date published: 14-04-2003

Union via Wisdom (Jnana Yoga) Jnana means Wisdom & Jnana Yoga means Union with the Divine via Wisdom. Wisdom has been defined as organised Life. Wisdom and knowledg (more...)

The Fourfold Yoga - Part I - An Introduction

By G Kumar | Date published: 18-03-2003

Yoga is derived from the word "Yuj" which means to unite. Union with Cosmic Creative Intelligence is the aim of Yoga. The Fourfold Yoga has been prescribed for Cosmic Union in O (more...)

The Mind, Metaphor and Health

By Penny Tompkins and James Lawley | Date published: 07-03-2003

The use of metaphor and symbol in the healing process stretches back thousands of years. These days, traditionally trained medical practitioners have made use of metaphor and imagery with patient (more...)

The Alexander Technique and Health Labels

By Annie Kaszina | Date published: 04-03-2003

For a lot of people, interest in the Alexander Technique only starts when they have had a 'label' put on them by the medical establishment. The process goes something like this: you go to you (more...)

Health Kinesiology - The therapy that let your body tell you what it needs.

By Christine Fowler CQSW, BA, KFRP, MBTER | Date published: 26-02-2003

Health what? How do you say it? Its pronounced Health Kin – easi R (more...)

Relief without Hypnosis

By Dr. Martyn P. Williams | Date published: 26-02-2003

Most people suffering with a medical condition or habitual problems, such as drinking, smoking and gambling have considered Hypnotherapy at some point in their lives, Despite this fact, only a fe (more...)

The Uniqueness of Reiki

By Richard Jones | Date published: 24-02-2003

Reiki is often thought of as a therapy and is therefore compared with other therapies as a means of bringing about healing. I am suggesting that this is a bad way of thinking about Reiki which is (more...)

Back to basics in Complementary Medicine.

By Dr. Martyn P. Williams | Date published: 19-02-2003

In December of 2000, recommendations were made by The House of Lords Select Committee for Science and Technology, and in March 2001, Government responded in favor of these recommendations. The re (more...)

Tinnitus a totally new approach

By Charles Vald | Date published: 06-02-2003

Tinnitus (ringing, whistling, buzzing) in the ears is a very common problem. We all have tinnitus it’s just for the most part not noticeable. 10% of the population suffer from ‘notice (more...)

Reiki: Remote Treatments

By Taggart King | Date published: 30-01-2003

When is a distant healing session not a distant healing session? … When it is a remote treatment! What is a remote treatment? Well that is what I hope to describe in this article, and I also (more...)

Pranic Therapy Part VI

By G Kumar | Date published: 23-12-2002

All the four forces in the Universe - weak nuclear force, strong nuclear force, electricity & magnetism -are but different manifestations of that Unitary power which the Vedists call Prana. U (more...)


By Leslie James Reed | Date published: 23-12-2002

Qigong - Piercing the Invisible Target With one end of his bow The archer pierces heaven With the other, he penetr (more...)

Reiki: the Kaizen of Reiki

By Taggart King | Date published: 10-11-2002

If you have come across the word ‘kaizen’ before it will probably have been in the context of industrial quality control or personal development. Kaizen is a Japanese word that is usuall (more...)

Pranic Therapy Part V

By G Kumar | Date published: 05-11-2002

"The Unified Field of Einstein is the Brahman of the Vedists and the Tao of the Chinese", says Dr Fritjof Capra in his famous book " The Tao of Physics". The Vedists called thi (more...)

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