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Complementary Healthcare Information Service - UK


The writings published here may or may not reflect the opinions of the people working at CHIS-UK. They are published here to help you develop a greater understanding of the different attitudes and beliefs held by many in the field of holistic health.

What is Life-Coaching

By Linda Markley | Date published: 29-10-2002

Life-coaching is a means of bridging the gap between where you are now and where you want to be. It often involves clarifying those two first. Life-coaching works through a dynamic partne (more...)

Journey Therapy

By Linda Markley | Date published: 24-10-2002

The Journey is a gentle yet powerful guided healing process for permanent freedom from health and other life issues. It’s far reaching effectiveness and popularity is making The Journey one of the (more...)

Pranic Therapy Part IV

By G Kumar | Date published: 02-10-2002

All the basic forces in the Universe - visible and invisible - are but different manifestations of that Unitary Power which the Vedists call Prana. Using this Vital Energy to heal is called Pranic T (more...)

The Importance of Touch

By Judy Rigby | Date published: 27-09-2002

This is a short article on a huge and until relatively recently, undeservedly neglected subject. Touch forms the basis of so many of the excellent therapies that are available to us nowadays. (more...)

Reiki: A Simple Way with Symbols

By Taggart King | Date published: 31-08-2002

In the West we like to make things complicated, and you can read about the complicated way that we have ended up using the Reiki symbols in my article 'Simplicity and Sandwiches' which was published (more...)

Pranic Therapy Part III

By G Kumar | Date published: 29-08-2002

The Universal Stream of Consciousness known as Qi ( pronounced Chee) in Chinese & Ki in Japanese is known as the Cosmic Prana in Sanskrit. Healing using this Life-force Energy is called Pranic T (more...)

Pranic Therapy Part II

By G Kumar | Date published: 15-08-2002

All the four forces in the Universe - weak nuclear force, strong nuclear force, electricity & magnetism -are but different manifestations of that Unitary Power which the Vedists call Prana. Usin (more...)

The Acceleration of Therapy

By Bryan Craig | Date published: 17-07-2002

An Introduction Eighty years ago, if you had wanted therapy in order to deal with a deep-seated psychological condition you would have had to go to a Psycho-Therapist or Psycho-Analy (more...)

10 Tips for Happy Feet!

By Marie Breward | Date published: 14-07-2002

1. Rest your legs for a few minutes every day – try having them raised higher than your head for a period in the day – why not swing around in bed and rest your feet up the wall or bed h (more...)

Trip to Sarajevo Working for the Healing Hands Charity

By Celia Stanford | Date published: 14-07-2002

The Healing Hands Network was set up to send therapists to post war torn areas. Currently we are working in Sarajevo, Bosnia where there was an aggression against the people of Bosnia & (more...)

Drink like a Plant!

By Marie Breward | Date published: 07-07-2002

As a therapist I am always expounding the virtues of drinking more water – the following anomaly often helps my clients get the point of why it is important: A plant which is pot bound and (more...)

Hellerwork Pioneer…

By Roger Golten | Date published: 06-07-2002

Hellerwork Pioneer and author of "The Owners Guide to the Body" lives and works in Kings Langley, Herts Way back in 1982 I had an appalling lower back problem. As a result of this (more...)

Structural Integration - explaining the provenance of Hellerwork & Rolfing.

By Roger Golten | Date published: 06-07-2002

Arranging the body so that it balances around the actual physical line of gravity is the goal of Structural Integration. However the work is neither so purely physiological that it ignores the (more...)

Diet Wars

By Sheri Dixon D. N. Th. | Date published: 24-06-2002

Why is it that you can eat the best organic foods, take the finest supplements, drink plenty of fluids, exercise like mad, get plenty of sleep and still feel terrible? (more...)

Buteyko, Effective Asthma Management

By Wendy Haddock M.C.S.P. | Date published: 07-06-2002

Wendy Haddock, a physiotherapist from Sanquhar teaches asthmatics the Buteyko Method around Scotland a (more...)

Reiki: Symbols and Attunements

By Taggart King | Date published: 06-06-2002

In my article ‘Symbols and Beyond’ I spoke of the possibility of moving beyond the Reiki symbols to access the energy they represent directly, and the use of symbols from other cultures to (more...)

Reiki: Symbols and Beyond

By Taggart King | Date published: 05-06-2002

In the Western style of Reiki, the Reiki symbols are seen to be very important. They are seen as an integral part of the system; indeed for many people the symbols are Reiki, the symbols are the ene (more...)

The Use of Creative Visualisation in Meditation

By Jason Light | Date published: 27-05-2002

What is meditation? According to the definition in the dictionary it is "the act of thinking about something deeply", To meditate is to reflect on, to contemplate, to go within, to (more...)

Reiki: Working with Intuition

By Taggart King | Date published: 26-05-2002

When I first started practising Reiki, I didn't believe that I was intuitive. In fact, I thought that I might only be able to become intuitive after years of dedicated practice, if then. I thought t (more...)

Reiki: Distant Attunements

By Taggart King | Date published: 26-05-2002

When I first became involved with Reiki, and I heard that some people carried out distant attunements, or studied Reiki without meeting their teacher in person, I thought "what a con; that's ri (more...)

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