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Complementary Healthcare Information Service - UK


The writings published here may or may not reflect the opinions of the people working at CHIS-UK. They are published here to help you develop a greater understanding of the different attitudes and beliefs held by many in the field of holistic health.

Intuition and Potential

By Sylvia Clare | Date published: 24-12-2001

Intuition and Potential The basis of fulfillment and happiness Intuition - the inner tutor- being able to recognise your inner guidance system and use it constructively to make the bes (more...)

Reiki will never be the same again

By Taggart King | Date published: 23-12-2001

If you open any newspaper or magazine that has an "alternative health" section, you will find an advertisement for a Reiki practitioner or Master. Reiki healing is a technique that has been embraced b (more...)

Repression and Dissociation

By PB | Date published: 22-12-2001

What is it? Explanation of terms and probable causes Repression is a form of censorship, the conscious or unconscious denial of an aspect of the perceived reality so (more...)

Theory of the personality

By PB | Date published: 21-12-2001

This essay outlines and discusses Carl Rogers' Theory of Personality in relation to my personal experience. Introduction In his attempt to develop a theory (more...)

The subtle and gentle art of transformation

By Barry Male | Date published: 21-12-2001

We all know of people who have been very committed to changing some aspect of their lives and have, perhaps, done some kind of therapy, conscientiously, for a year or sometimes more, and, at the end o (more...)

The advantage of consulting a therapist that has undergone his or her own analysis

By Gordon Pownall | Date published: 19-12-2001

Being a therapist is a demanding and personally draining experience. The reasons for this are many and are individual to each therapist, their technique, competence and (more...)

Soul Retrieval Therapy

By Barry Male | Date published: 18-12-2001

An Ancient Shamanic Practice for a Modern Age... Do you ever feel that you’re &qu (more...)

Meridian Therapies - Mind and Body Healing for the New Millennium

By Chrissie Hardisty and Silvia Hartmann-Kent | Date published: 17-12-2001

In 1976 a remarkably well preserved body, approximately 6,000 years old, was discovered in a glacier. It bore tattoos marking the major meridian treatment points (more...)

The importance of Relaxation

By Simon Hill | Date published: 16-12-2001

Our lives are full of stresses and pressures, some we create ourselves, others we cannot control. Coping with the stresses of modern life is an essential skill and there are many techniques available (more...)

The Freedom to Be Who You Truly Are

By Barry Male | Date published: 15-12-2001

.....or The Fine Art of Being Yourself.  Why should I need freedom in order to b (more...)

The Divine Enigma - The Relationship Between Man and God

By Barry Male | Date published: 13-12-2001

Those of you who totally reject any notion of a God will probably h (more...)

Self Empowerment

By Barry Male | Date published: 12-12-2001

To my way of thinking, this is a phrase that we shouldn’t really have to use at all. In an ideal world, we would all grow up loved and cared for, nurtured and s (more...)

The Inner Journey into Wholeness

By Barry Male | Date published: 11-12-2001

To be whole…. to be one…. to be not separate from any part of one's self….to be all that you are….for there to be no part of one's self which one (more...)

What is Craniosacral therapy?

By Michael Kern | Date published: 10-12-2001

Life and motion. Life expresses itself as motion. At a fundamental level of our physiological functioning all healthy, living ti (more...)

Counselling and Hypnotherapy - a comparison

By PB | Date published: 09-12-2001

Person Centred Counselling - Key assumptions Perhaps the most important aspect of client centred counselling is the importance that is placed on the individual and the belief that eac (more...)
Labels: counselling, hypnotherapy

Counselling & Grovian Therapy

By PB | Date published: 08-12-2001

Introduction This essay is an attempt to contrast and compare Person Centred Counselling with Grovian therapy. First, I will attempt to lay out the essential assumpt (more...)

The Bowen Technique - for a breath of fresh air

By Janie Godfrey | Date published: 07-12-2001

“Every summer, it’s the same. From the beginning of June until the end of August, I greet each new morning with runny nose, itchy eyes and a sneeze. I never used to (more...)

The Gentle Touch

By Janie Godfrey | Date published: 06-12-2001

Article appeared in Therapy Weekly, 1 February 2001 The collaboration between the Bowen Technique a (more...)

The Bowen Technique - gentle and effective antidote to pain

By Janie Godfrey | Date published: 05-12-2001

Published in Nurse2Nurse June 2001, Vol 1 Issue 12 In an article about The Bowen Technique which a (more...)

Working with Person -Centred Art therapy in a group environment.

By Zoe Ainsworth-Grigg | Date published: 04-12-2001

Working with Person-Centred Art Therapy at a Drop-in for recovering mentally ill patients. I have been practising in Person-C (more...)

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