Is The Health System Perpetuating Some So Called Mental Illnesses?

New Techniques Highlight The Short Fall of Current Practice

Are sufferers of conditions which affect approximately 1 in 4 in the UK, (that’s approximately 15 million people), being misdiagnosed, mis-prescribed medication and mis-treated by so called professionals? The answer could be a resounding ‘YES!’

In some cases, it’s not the practitioner’s fault. With healthcare stretched to the limit and so called ‘mental illnesses’ such as anxiety disorders, panic attacks, agoraphobia and stress related conditions on a rapid increase, practitioners are not only using ineffective techniques but they aren’t being provided with the resources to treat their patients correctly.

Anxiety disorder is an ‘all encompassing’ term coined to describe a range of conditions including General Anxiety Disorder, Panic Attacks, Phobias, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. Most practitioners treat these conditions as distinctly separate entities but psycho-physiologically, they are, in fact, directly related; formed and perpetuated by the very same internal mechanism.

It’s all too easy for doctors to become reliant on anxiolytic and anti-depressant medication to correct these disorders but the majority of sufferers become victims of the treatment they receive and not only the condition itself.

A condition, which is clearly at epidemic proportions, should be addressed. The government is said to have spent £33 billion last year on mental health issues alone, the vast majority of which are anxiety related, but sufferers are experiencing minimal benefits from treatments and many are abandoned, labelled neurotic or hypochondriacs and fed drugs that simply weren’t designed to treat behavioural conditions. Then, as their conditions worsen, they are given more drugs to combat the side effects of the first drugs and the downward spiral continues.

Many sufferers find themselves unable to work, abandoned by their families and friends, on benefits or bankrupt and there is simply no need for it.

Not only do the vast majority of these sufferers not require medication but given the correct information and support, they could make fast and permanent recoveries.

Anxiety disorder isn’t about mental or physical illness, it’s about external influences affecting the subconscious on a behavioural level; this has been common knowledge for years, so why does general practice insist on treating it with medication?

Sure, most sufferers are looking for a magic pill, it’s human nature to want a quick fix; humans are, on the whole, lazy by nature; taking, or searching for, the elusive pill seems an easier route than facing the fact that it will take a little effort to undo what has been done and lack of treatment options and access to information about the disorders leave sufferers stranded. What is more infuriating however is that now ‘new discoveries’ have found that there may be a genetic link between sufferers and that, get this, a pill may be developed to treat it! Has the scientific community gone mad? It’s like taking a pill to stop nose picking, it just shouldn’t happen!

Traditional behavioural therapies go some of the way to providing a solution, but fall short of helping sufferers to obtain the ultimate goal of completely eliminating the disorder, the reason for this is clear. Often, sufferers have recurring episodes throughout their lives. Conventional therapies are time restricted, lack on-going support and are, on the whole, unsympathetic to the sufferer’s state of mind with its ‘matter of fact’, medical presentation of advice.

Ultimately, the only people who are qualified to assist anxiety disorder sufferers are recovered anxiety disorder sufferers, no one else is equipped with the level of insight necessary to reassure, educate and support. Medical practitioners, psychologists and counsellors may feel that their academic prowess is enough to equip them for the task, but, as I know, through a decade of research and counselling thousands of sufferers from all around the world, conventional therapies and medication have little, if any, therapeutic value in isolation; many sufferers continue to suffer until, by accident alone, something changes in their daily life practices which affects their perception of their condition; it is this that offers them the escape from their condition… a simple break in the anxious behaviour.

I don’t condemn practitioners; they walk the trodden path as is expected of all good sheep, it only takes a single, independent minded lamb to step off the path and find a short cut; eventually a new path is cut into the mountain. The great psychological minds of our time didn’t become the enigmas they were by following the leader; they were prepared to make a stand for what they believed to be just and true.

Other than life threatening illnesses such as HIV and Cancer, anxiety disorder affects more people than any other condition known to man; its effects are devastating, personally to the sufferer, their family, their relationships, their careers and their experience of life itself. The disorder costs the taxpayer billions of pounds every year and impacts significantly on businesses, the problem is escalating and no one wants to know when someone is prepared to stand up and says ‘I have the solution’.

Through a decade of experiential research and treating thousands of people around the world from the most diverse demographic groups possible, I have developed The Linden Method, which produces, in most cases, profound and lasting relief from anxiety disorders. Psychologists and medics confirm and endorse its relevance and obvious success and my list of testimonials grows exponentially. I cure people where psychologists fail and will continue to spread the word; I just hope that someone else will find the strength to stand up there with me.

About the author:

Article written by Charles Linden
Author of Â?Stuck Between A Rock And A Prescription DrugÂ?, Â?The Nine PillarsÂ? and Â?The Linden MethodÂ?.

Contact Charles at The Linden Centre on 01562 852750


Author: Charles Linden
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