Our Bodies Have Great Healing Wisdom, What Is Your Body Telling You?

Our bodies have great healing wisdom but do we listen?

There was a great true story I read where a lady who had breast cancer and the doctors gave her 6 months to live. They said they could do nothing for her and sent her away to die. She as a last resort went to see an intuitive healer the healer knew nothing of her illness on meeting her, however was accurate and picked up on what was wrong with her.

The healer asked the lady if there was anything in her life that she was unhappy with. The lady replied she was in a bad relationship with her abusive husband but could not leave him due to lack of courage and 3 children. The healer said well you have little time so I suggest you take courage and leave your husband and take your children with you to a calmer and happier place.

The healer also asked is there anything your soul wants or anything creative you have denied yourself over the years. The lady said yes I love to paint but my husband expects me to be a mother and wife only and would not allow me to join a class.

The healer said I suggest you leave your husband join an art class and enjoy the time you have left. The lady thought well I have been given six months and decided to take her advice and did just that. She recieved healing in that time and looked after her soul.

5 years on she is still with us! The Cancer went into remission and the doctors are totally confused as she received no treatment from them at all!

The body has great wisdom but how many of us actually listen to it?

For example our stomach area is your solar plexus chakra and the largest chakra in your body.

When I have a client I am doing healing on and that area needs a lot of work it can be a present situation or more often than not it goes back into their child hood. Much pain and sorrow can be situated here it is an area that tells you something is not emotionally right for you and it is good to listen.

If you can change your job or whatever situation which is causing you the pain even if it is being able to cope with it differently and seek tools to help you do this, then this area will become calmer.

Our bodies are very wise it will knock with a cold, maybe you are working too hard or a relationship you are in is not good for you. Whatever it is your body is trying to tell you something. Maybe if we don't listen, slow down in the job doing less hours or standing up for ourselves with people it will then knock next with the flu.

Do we really want to only listen when it knocks a third time with Cancer or something serious? So many people say I got a real wake-up call with this one!

A friend of mine who taught Yoga to me privately once a week and was lovely was doing too much. Just before Christmas she said to me I am doing too much I should slow down. She knew what she had to do but still she worked too many hours and rushed here and there. She went to Rome this New Years just gone and the first day she got run over. She spend 6 months in hospital had 2 brain clots removed and was told she may not recover her memory or have 20% or the strength she had before.

10 Months on she is teaching Yoga again and taking things a lot slower!! She has been left with problems with her eyes however her memory is fine and she is teaching again which is amazing. She said to me I knew and I did not listen but the universe stopped me and slowed me down didn't they! It is great she has humour about the situation she is an inspiration and now listens and has learnt her lesson. Sometimes our bodies will tell us & sometimes fate steps in (if you want to call it that) and teaches us big lessons.

Louise Hay has a fantastic book called 'Heal your body' where each physical symptom has a emotional message it is great. It is one of my recommended books on my web site. Cancer for example she says - Deep hurt and long standing resentment. Deep secret of grief eating away at ones self. Carrying hatreds. Her positive affirmation is: I lovingly forgive and release all of the past. I choose to fill my world with joy. I love and approve of myself.

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Article written by Sue Bailey
Herb Specialist

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Author: Sue Bailey
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