Tantra - The Serpentine Ascent - Part IV

Self Actualisation is the Goal

Immortality or Self-Actualisation, which is the Ultimate aim of Tantra, is achieved by the aspirant due to Tantric sadhanas. He will not fall into the trap of selfish temptations He will exhibit divine Love, patience and fortitude, the qualities of a perfected Initiate. He will not use his siddhis for selfish ends. He will be ready to redeem the world from its vices and will be Saviour of all mankind

Lo ! steadfast a lamp burns sheltered by the wind
Such is the likeness of the Yogi's mind
Freed from sense-storms and burning bright to Heaven
When mind broods placid, soothed with holy wont,
When Self contemplates Self and in itself
Hath comfort !

To reach this Ultimate Level, tantric techniques alone are not sufficient. Love of the Supreme and renunciation of the Seven Negative Passions are a must. Devoid of the Seven Deadly Sins ( Lust, greed, anger, jealousy, sloth, covetousness & attachment), with unflinching affiliation to the Supreme Self, he serves all human beings as his brothers and sisters, by the Law of Love and by the Law of Justice !

His light and life is given to balance here
The dark account of mortal Ignorance !

Astrology is a close affiliate of Tantra. Suppose a person has Jupiter in the 8th. There is no use if he turns to Tantra and becomes an initiate. Such a person should turn to other subjects ! Knowledge of a man's temparament is given by Astrology as Trikala Jnana ( Knowledge of Past, present and future ) is decreed by Yoga. Astro-Therapy used in Vedic Astrology is essentially Tantric. The images of the planetary energies are propitiated on the days assigned to them. We find that Thursday is ruled by Thor or Jupiter; Saturday by Saturn, Sunday by the Sun etc. If Saturn is the tormentor, Astro Therapy is prescribed for Saturn and remedial measures are prescribed to be done on Saturdays !

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Tantra, Mantra & Yantra

A mantra is defined as that which saves the chanter and that which floats in the mind. The aspirant who chants the mantra is freed from the problems which vex him. The mind moves away from the problem areas and he feels contented and whole. This is the psychological basis of Mantra Yoga. A mantra inscribed on a silver or gold plate is called a talisman or Yantra. It is duly energised by one who is well versed in Tantra by means of Puja ( worship of Deity ). This worship may take 10 to 41 days, depending on the Tantrik expert. Yantras are diagramatic patterns about Manifestation. The Central Dot or the Bindu represents the Absoulte Self and the geometrical figures are Its different levels of manifestation. The circles, the triangles, the rectangles and the lotuses seen in the Yantra represent the energy vortexes in the human body. The Five Great Elements, the seven states of Consciousness, the six Chakras plus the Crown Chakra , all these are symbolised as mathematical figures in the Yantra. The Central Dot is the Self, from which everything emanates!

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The divine Conscious Force is infinite in Her powers and personalities. The mighty Four are Her manifestations!

She as Time - Kali ( Kalaswaroopini or Time Eternal )
She as Wisdom - Saraswathi She as Wealth - Lakshmi
She as Valour - Parvathi

Primordial Nature art Thou ! The Universe is merely Thy infinitesimal Part ! The Cause of all the worlds triune Even to the Trinity Thou art Unknown !

Consort of the Infinite art Thou The base of the Universe as Maya All things in the Universe Thou movest And Self-Actualisation is Thy boon !

Material Prosperity blossoms Due to Thy Grace ! A regal mansion, subordinates galore Are all Thy gifts, O Mighty Mother !

Spiritual Progress also Is effected by Thy Grace ! Progress, worldly and divine How strange is Thy Grace !

What we see today as Astrology, Gemology, Numerology, Vedic Architecture ( Vastu ), Ayurveda etc are all the gross manifestations of Tantra. This is the most original science of the human race which contains all the primitive mysteries of Science !

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All are brethern and all systems are different radii of one circle, designed to lead man from the circumference and the surface of life to the One Central Light, the Self! Veda - Tantra - Veda - This is the equation. The first Veda refers to book knowledge or knowledge acquired from books. Tantra refers to practical knowlege, how to attain to Transcendence. The third refers to Experiential Knowledge which is the state of the Self. The physical, mental and spiritual levels are all sustained by the One Universal Life. That is why it is called as a Universe. Otherwise it will be called as a Multiverse ! That therapy using Prana is called Pranic Therapy. It is more or less Auric Healing. The disease affected parts of the body will be shown as black spots in Kirlian Photography. What the therapist does is to empower the patient with Prana, which is stored by him as a result of continous meditation and the dark spots will move away.

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