Fear, a World Disease

Fear has spread around the world at the speed of a hurricane. Who is spreading this disease of fear? Humanity is. Why? It is because humanity has basic fears instilled into them when they are children, and now these fears have grown out of all proportion.

Let’s look at what we fear. Parents tell their children not to speak to strangers in case they are abducted. So children learn from an early age that the world is not a safe place! ‘Do not stray from home, or someone will take you away'.

We fear illness, cancer and aids. We are told 'Don't eat this and don't eat that. Eat plenty of fruit and vegetables, if you don't you increase your risk of disease and cancer!' This fear about our diets is promoted weekly in the news.

We are sold insurance policies, medical insurance, home insurance, accident insurance, life insurance, all 'just in case something happens.' This reinforces our fears and securities, so we try harder to guard against them. Again, the idea that the world is not a safe place is being reinforced. Fear of lack, fear of not being abundant, fear of not having enough are all promoted and played upon. So we work harder, forfeit family life and mothers go out to work leaving their children to be brought up by strangers. All of this because we fear we do not have enough.

Fear of what other people think about us, is very high on our list of insecurities. We judge other people and other people judge us! We even live our lives doing what other people want us to do rather than being true to ourselves, because we are afraid of being judged by them.

Throughout our history, governments, monarchs and religion have all controlled the people by instilling fear. Why? Fearful people can be swayed, persuaded to do what commonsense tells them not to. Fear has been programmed into our psyches. For lifetime after lifetime we have been steeped in fear. The stress and anxiety of all these fears compromises our health physically and mentally.

The sad fact is that the more we fear, the more we draw our fears to us. We are very powerful beings; we manifest our beliefs, thus creating our reality. The more we fear, the more we draw it into our lives and disaster strikes. Stop for a moment and think about what you really fear. Are they actually your fears or are they someone else’s? Are they government based or media based? Are they the Truth? What do you really think? Sharpen your awareness so that can stand back and take a look at what is going on around you. Look at your life and how you live it. Do you need to be in so much fear?

On an individual level, we can stop this dis-ease. We can clear it, let go of it and not 'buy into it'. If we set the intention that we will not be swayed by fear and that we always wish to see the higher truth behind a matter. If we just use our common sense, then it will be the beginning of curing fear - the world disease.

About the author:

Article written by Robina Hearle

Website: http://www.rosecottagefloweressences.co.uk

Author: Robina Hearle
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