Feng Shui Tips For Buying A Happy Home

Spring is in the air, are you are considering upping sticks and moving? Buying a home is a major expenditure so here are a few pointers to help you get it right:

  • Which direction are you moving in? This year avoid moving North West and South East if you can. Moving North West could mean predictably annoying hold ups and problems where as South East could mean unforeseen and unexpected problems. Have your most favourable directions for moving worked out before deciding.
  • When you go to view a place what is your initial intuitive ‘gut’ feeling when you walk in? Ignore the fact the decoration may not be your taste – take notice of how you ‘feel’ about the place. Your whole body is a complex sensing device, take note of its wisdom.
  • Find out a bit about the history of the property, why are the owners moving? Has it been a happy place or are they moving because of divorce, bankruptcy or health problems? The energy of previous owners can have a strong impact on new occupants. Always consider having the place Space Cleared to dispel any negative ‘pre-decessor’ chi.
  • What compass direction does the front door face? This will determine the type of energy coming into the house. For example South facing could mean a busy social time whereas North could find you becoming reclusive or feeling isolated.
  • What is the ‘landscape’ like around the property i.e. in a city the other buildings that surround it. Imagine the property as a living entity and put yourself in its place – how does it feel to sit in this ‘landscape’? Overshadowed, unsupported, overlooked or cosy, protected and safe?
  • Take a look at the floor plan and layout, is the house a reasonably even shape or is it very irregular. Few houses are the perfect ‘Feng Shui’ shape but minimize the potential for future problems by having a Feng Shui consultant check it over before committing yourself.
  • Where is the bathroom located? Wherever possible avoid places with the bathroom right in the centre of the property, with this there is the potential for health problems and toilets in the North West and South East could mean money troubles.

Your home is a reflection of what’s going on in your inner, subconscious world and the place you ultimately chose will reflect this. Remember, no choice will be perfect instead consider the imperfections an opportunity to work on yourself from the outside in!

About the author:

Article written by Catherine Howie FSSA
Feng Shui Practitioner and Teacher

Website: http://www.energy-alignment.com/

Author: Catherine Howie
Copyright © 2023 Catherine Howie. All rights reserved

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