What is a CHEK Practitioner?


As a CHEK Practitioner, I am often asked, Â?What do you doÂ?? This short article has been written to give you an insight into what we do.

What Does CHEK Stand For?

  • Corrective
  • Holistic
  • Exercise
  • Kinesiology

Our Training

CHEK Practitioners, Nutrition & Lifestyle Coaches and Golf Biomechanics are trained by the CHEK Institute.

The CHEK Institute was founded by Paul Chek, one of the worldÂ?s leading experts in health, fitness and performance and is based in Vista, California.

CHEK Institute Mission

Â?The C.H.E.K Institute is the foremost organization committed to excellence in education and innovation in the fields of corrective exercise and high-performance conditioning. We achieve this through revolutionary philosophies and methods in professional development, research and holistic conditioningÂ?.

So, what is a CHEK Practitioner?

C.H.E.K Practitioners are specialists in corrective exercise and high-performance conditioning. They have completed one or more levels of the C.H.E.K Certification program, including all the required pre-requisites for that level.

The higher the level completed, the more practical knowledge and experience they will have, particularly in complex orthopaedic conditions.

C.H.E.K Practitioners come from a varied background including fitness professionals, strength and conditioning coaches, physical therapists, chiropractors, massage therapists, podiatrists and athletic trainers and so on.

Who can a CHEK Practitioner help?

A CHEK Practitioner can help anybody who:

  • Wants to recover from injury
  • Become pain free
  • Enhance their appearance
  • Increase productivity at work
  • Increase sports performance
  • Improve health and vitality.

Aetiology Investigators

CHEK Practitioners are trained to find the aetiology (or cause) of peoplesÂ? problems, not just mask the symptoms. Masking the symptoms can lead to other health problems (side effects) and recurring illness or injury.

Once the aetiology has been found, the appropriate solutions can be developed to reduce or eliminate it.

A Holistic Approach

To achieve optimal results, CHEK Practitioners always ensure a totally holistic approach. This quite often involves referrals to other health or medical disciplines.

Referrals are quite often made by CHEK Practitioners to the following allied health professionals:

  • Medical Doctors
  • NUCCA Chiropractors
  • Physiotherapists
  • Massage Therapists
  • Acupuncturists
  • EFT Practitioners
  • Neuro-Muscular Therapists
  • Metabolic Typing Advisors
  • Holistic Dentists
  • Behavioural Optometrists
  • Cranial Sacral Therapists

The approach by CHEK Practitioners uses the following disciplines:

  • Assessment / Evaluation
  • Program Design
  • Program Coaching
  • Program Progression
  • Re-assessment

The Assessment

The thorough, no stone unturned assessment includes:

  • Medical / injury history
  • Exercise history
  • Posture & Gait
  • Joint range of motion
  • Muscle balance
  • Lifestyle assessment
  • Joint stability
  • Flexibility
  • Functional Movement Patterns
  • Coordination
  • Strength
  • Current Nutritional habits

Program Design

After analysing the results from the assessment, a CHEK Practitioner will carefully design a corrective or high performance exercise program, taking into consideration the clientÂ?s schedule and equipment availability.

Optimal nutrition and lifestyle considerations will also be developed to help achieve the best results possible.

Program Coaching

Guidance is given through each specific stretch and exercise that has been developed to progressively achieve the goals.

Clients are Â?coachedÂ? through nutrition and lifestyle recommendations to ensure they are able to make the necessary lifestyle changes.

Program Progression

A re-assessment every 4-6 weeks is recommended and the CHEK Practitioner then designs a follow-up program to meet the clientÂ?s current level of ability taking in account any progress made.

A CHEK Practitioner is committed to helping their clients achieve their goals within their parameters.


CHEK Practitioners are trained by Paul Chek and his team from the CHEK Institute in Vista, California. CHEK Practitioners go through a detailed and rigorous ongoing training program.

CHEK Practitioners specialize in corrective and high-performance exercise. CHEK Practitioners can also help people with a wide variety of injuries and health issues.

Using a totally holistic approach, CHEK Practitioners help people achieve their health and fitness goals. This thorough approach includes assessment, evaluation, program design, program coaching and re-assessment.

Other allied health professionals are used to ensure a totally holistic approach.The aetiology of the symptoms is found to ensure complete and safe solutions are used.

Other allied health professionals are used to ensure a holistic approach which is often necessary to successfully achieve results.

About the author:

Article written by Leigh Brandon CHEK IV, HLC III, CMTA, ASCC, Golf Bio, CBP

Website: http://www.bodychek.co.uk

Author: Leigh Brandon CHEK III, NLC I, MTILA
Copyright © 2023 Leigh Brandon CHEK III, NLC I, MTILA. All rights reserved

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