Living Abundantly

I want to live abundantly, I am not talking money. I have friends who live abundantly; they may or may not have lots' of money. Living abundantly involves a lot more than just living out your days, crossing days off the calendar.

Its' about acting in ways that support abundance for yourself and others. Its' About plugging into the larger pictures in life.

Think of it as a sacred circle or medicine wheel. Each day you are evolving on your path, each day you are reaching beyond your current circle of limitations of friends, of ideas, etc. Creating new circles, new ideas, making new friends. This will make you supple, flexible, and growing. This creates a self-generating exchange between you and the world. It is a wonderful alive place to be. So how do you live abundantly? Well its' easier than you might think, in fact its' simple.

Its' in the small actions that create the abundance, the spiritual awakening of true wealth.

Here are Nine ideas to consider:

  1. Tell a stranger that you love their outfit, sweater, what they are wearing. Reach people
    and thank them when they are helpful
  2. Have friends of all ages. Remember having conversations with others outside your age group brings you knowledge, new perspectives, new insights and new ways at looking at life. Friends are more precious than gold and are a rich resource about life. Having old and young friends allows to see life close up the childlike discoveries, as well as the wisdom that comes from a life well lived.
  3. Keep a journal, it will allow you introspection and the more you understand yourself the stronger you become.
  4. Learn the names of some of the native plants and wildlife where you live. Honor the place where you live, feel its' history and richness. You will feel more abundant knowing you live in a place of such wonder.
  5. Reach out to past friends, classmates or relatives. This reconnection will allow to
    see them with new eyes, to release old ideas, feelings or negativity towards that person.
  6. Donate your time, or money to causes you believe in. Support your vision of the world by giving to organizations that helps change the world and making it a better place for all of us.
  7. Forgive yourself for the past mistakes and forgive others for their errors. You will feel freer and more alive in doing so.
  8. Dance, do yoga, be active keep body alive by doing movement that makes you sweat, that makes you feel your body & its' rythmns
  9. Meditate, go within,sence the inner silence of your soul. Connect with that core essence that is you.

These 9 ideas are just a strating point to living abundantly. Create your own ideas, your own way of living abundantly.

About the author:

Charles Lightwalker is a Father, channeler, medical intutitive, healer and author. For more information visit the web site.


Author: Charles Lightwalker
Copyright © 2023 Charles Lightwalker. All rights reserved

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