The Power of Sound for ‘Wholing’

Since the beginning of man/woman kind, teachings from all corners of the world have mentioned the power of sound for creation, healing & transformation. The Bible states, Â?In the beginning was the word, and the word was GodÂ?. The Aboriginal people talk of Â?Creation SongsÂ? - a time when the ancestors were born from the earth and sang the world into creation. There are accounts from many other ancient teachings that point to very much the same thing Â? the Universe and the world we live on was created with sound.

LetÂ?s look at the science of sound for a while. At a fundamental (basic) level, all objects are made from energy in the form of particles and waves. This energy emits a frequency, which has a sound Â? albeit out of our hearing range, but nevertheless it is there.

The human hearing spectrum is between 16 Â? 16,000 hertz (Hz) or cycles per second (CPS). Just because we canÂ?t hear a sound, it doesnÂ?t mean to say itÂ?s not there Â? or that we cannot feel it. As everything in the Universe is made up of resonating energy and therefore everything is sound - we are sound. Each part of our body, each organ, our muscles, skin and bones resonate at different frequencies (sounds). In fact, as you breathe, eat, or read this article, you are emitting a wonderful symphony of sound as individual as your fingerprints.

Even though we are individual, there is an Â?energy blueprintÂ? for each part of our body Â? in fact, for everything that exists. For example, one personÂ?s heart has more or less the same biological make up as the heart of another. However there are also individual characteristics that make the heart different such as the age, level of fitness and general health of the heart. So what does this mean?

Well it is very simple (as the best things are). As you go through life you are subjected to a gamut of choices. Is your lifestyle stressful or relaxed? What is your diet like? Where do you live? What are your relationships like? What have you inherited from your ancestors? All these factors have a bearing on your overall energy blueprint, shaping it into the very unique individual that you are.

As we have already learned, everything has a frequency Â? even your thoughts, words and actions carry a frequency. If your life-style, thoughts, words actions etc are positive and they nourish you, there is no issue; it is natureÂ?s way to balance the body as best it can, and we are continually doing a wonderful dance with our body chemistry, temperature, cycles and rhythms to keep us in Â?homeostasisÂ? (the optimum way of being). However, if you are repeatedly exposed to Â? let us call it, Â?negatively charged energy (poor diet, unhappy relationships, environmental and chemical stresses, etc) it can literally pull the body out of tune. With prolonged exposure to negatively charged energy the system can forget the ideal energy blueprint it used to enjoy Â? and can adopt a less healthy blueprint which eventually results in imbalance, illness and dis-ease.

Just as there is an energy blueprint for the organs, bones etc, there is also one for the chakra system. The chakras work as little pump houses to transfer energy or prana throughout the body via channels called nadis (similar to the meridians). The chakras transport subtle energy to the vital organs bones and skin, feeding the body on all levels (mental, emotional, spiritual). A fully functioning chakra allows for the prana to flow through the body unhindered, therefore resulting in a healthy system (which is the basic philosophy for all complementary medicine).

So why is sound such an effective modality? Water is a very good carrier for sound, which is proven by the fact that whale and dolphin song can be heard for miles under-water, yet doesnÂ?t carry very far in the air. We are made up of 70-80% water and therefore sound literally goes right through us, gently but effectively penetrating at a cellular level - balancing, nurturing and healing mind, body & spirit.

The gentle tones of therapeutic sound gently work on the imbalances within the energy system, therefore assisting in the free-flowing of prana. The end result being the body heals Â? or Â?wholesÂ? itself. Certain tones, instruments and vowel sounds can be used for different chakras, however the most important thing to remember is the intention behind the sound. The Â?equationÂ? for optimum healing to take place is sound + positive intention = healing effect.

How can I help myself?Studies have shown that over twenty minutes of voice work significantly raises the amount of immunoglobulin-A levels in the body. This basically means that singing is not only fun, but it improves your health at the same time!

Toning is singing a tone, rather than a melody and is very effective. An AHH is calming as it is the vowel sound for the heart centre, an EEE tends to be stimulating as it vibrates the head area and is the vowel sound for the crown. High sounds tend to stimulate, lower sounds relax. If you can tone for twenty minutes at a time this is ideal, but otherwise try toning a high EEE for a few minutes in the morning on waking (in the shower is perfect as it acts as Â?sonic caffeineÂ?) and a few minutes of a lower pitched AHH before bed (or better still, in bed Â? Â?sonic hot chocolate!Â?) and monitor the difference over the month.

With many complementary therapies, there is no substitute for having a treatment and a sound therapy treatment is well worth experiencing for yourself. Different practitioners work in different ways - check that the person you are seeing is fully qualified and insured and a member of a reputable body such as the Institute for Complementary Medicine or the British Complementary Medical Association.

Over the years I have been working with sound I have been honoured to be part of some amazing experiences. Even though I have been working with complementary medicine for 22 years, I never cease to be amazed by the power of sound and many of my clients, and the clients of the students and practitioners at The British Academy of Sound Therapy have facilitated life-enhancing Â?wholingsÂ? for their clients.

About the author:

This article was written by Lyz Cooper Cert.Ed, MBRCP (Sound) Â? Principal of the British Academy of Sound Therapy.


Author: Lyz Cooper
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