Lunar Woman

The power of the moon has been acknowledged for many hundreds of years, if not thousands of years by many tribal cultures.

The moon represents many things, however it has always been seen as a female and feminine entity that controls the push and pull of fluids. In different moon phases throughout the seasons it is also known to influence fertility in animals and plants.

It is dark, mysterious and in Traditional Chinese medicine has Yin energy, just like a women.

In tribal customs gone by the moon when a woman was menstruating some tribes believed that a woman was at the height of her inner self-awareness, wisdom and power. So much, so that women were able to abstain from chores and duties as a mother and woman and retreat to rest with other menstruating women.

Other tribal customs believed that the menstruation blood also possessed powers of greatness and would collect the blood from women to fertilise their crops.

It was acknowledge that women were at a higher state of physical and psychic inner reflection and intuition at the time of menstruating.

Sadly in today's' modern western society many women and cultures have lost the recognition of the moon and even their own natural body rhythm of the menstrual cycle.

Women are under pressure to work, clean, be businesswomen, have families, run households and be successful.

Menstruating monthly can be just too much for some women and see it as a nuisance and inconvenience.

In the last 40-50 years women have resorted to the oral contraceptive pill to give them the freedom to be who they are and do what they want.

However, some women now have come full circle and trying to rediscover their own menstrual cycles. We have also found out about the adverse effects of taking the oral contraceptive pill and other forms of hormones.

Women are cyclic beings whether we acknowledge it or not and our hormone cycle and rhythm can be influenced by the moon.

The body is responsive to moon beams or light. Two primary glands in the brain hypothalamus and the pituitary secrete hormones to signal the ovaries to release an egg. These glands have been found to be responsive to moon light.

In areas where the moon does not come over the horizon (polar regions) there has been evidence to suggest that women in these areas are prone to gynaecological problems.

Other studies have revealed that exposure to light 24 hours a day can stop the menstrual cycle and ovulation.

Women who are in tune with their bodies, rest and recuperate during menstruation may even have ovulation twice in the month. When you are born, the moon will be at a certain phase, as we know plants and animals can ovulate, spawn or release eggs at certain phases of the moon, so can humans. This called the lunar cycle.

This was discovered in the 1950's by a Czechoslovakian doctor, who was working with Catholic women who were following the rhythm method.

The rhythm method had a low success rate for these women and he found that women were also fertile and ovulating at the same phase of the moon at which was present at their own birth.

Having a period is who we are as women; it is also what makes us different from men. Some women feel the power of the menstrual cycle by feeling more creative, intuitive and in tune with themselves and for some it is sigh of relief.

Just remember there are greater powers at work if you suffer with menstrual problems, the force of the moon. Look up at the night sky to acknowledge the female energy.

About the author:

Michelle Matthews is a Naturopathic practitioner; she has a special interest in hormonal health and preconception care for both men and women. She is running a series of evening talks through out 2007 on different hormonal related topics that affect men and women. Michelle is based at Mulberry House, 39 Manor Place, Edinburgh For more information please contact: Phone: 0845 11 99 099


Author: Michelle Matthews
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