Are Your Walking Your Talk?

Many people book massages, reiki treatments and other 'pampering' treatments because they are tired. They are low in energy. But if you are tired too, what message is that sending out?

Being tired and not having sufficient energy frequently have deeper root causes than working too much and not getting enough sleep. Of the six areas of our lives that contribute to tiredness and low energy, only one of them is to do with not eating well or not getting enough sleep. Read on to learn more about these six 'energy drains' 

1. Running on Empty

Just like cars, we all need fuel Â? but this isn't just about having enough of the right kind of food, although this is certainly important. As humans, we have a number of very basic needs: food, warmth and shelter we know about - and time, space, money and rest are others. But what of love, community, connection, peace and respect? These are needs too, although we don't always think of them as such.

A 'need' is something that we must have in order to be our best. Whilst physical needs tend to be immediate and obvious, emotional needs are a little more difficult to spot. For one thing, we tend to push them aside or get in a twist about them (I don't 'deserve' love, for instance). But like it or not, if we feel alone, unheard, unacknowledged or unloved this affects how we are when we are working. We are, in effect, 'running on empty' and have less to give to others.

2. Putting up with too much

How often do your trip over things that irritate you, tolerate being treated badly by someone who you would rather not be around, put off going to the doctors because something doesn't feel right or keep working on whilst feeling tired and lethargic?

What is it inside you that says that it's OK to do this? Is there anything, or is it just habit?

As a habit, it is extremely unsupportive and robs us of the energy to do our real work Â? the work that involves helping people to heal and to change their lives.

We can call these things that we put up with 'tolerations' and the simple way to stop tolerations draining our energy is to start eliminating them Â? instead of tripping over something without noticing what it is and why it is there, choose to move it or get rid of it completely. And keep on doing this until all those irritations are eliminated.

Staying in situations that are bad for us

What is a situation that is bad for us? There are different ways that we can experience this. At it's simplest it's one where we feel unhappy Â? either because we're doing something that don't like doing or because we are with people whose company we don't enjoy.

Ideally, we are in places that we love and with people we enjoy being with. But what if you are not? What if you are in a relationship that is dragging you down? What if you are still living at home even though you don't want to be? These situations might seem 'unfixable', but that's not really the case. You have to ask yourself, 'what is it costing me to stay in this unpleasant situation?' The cost is, of course, your energy and your ability to give to the world. The situation becomes fixable when you stop ignoring it and choose to address it. It might be difficult at first Â? but in the long run, your energy levels will soar.

Not speaking your truth

Had any sore throats recently? Feel like you've had to bite words back? When you are in the right place, doing what is right for you, it's easy to say what you want to say. You are relaxed and comfortable and you feel good about yourself. You are in alignment. The problems start when we don't feel able to be who we are inside. Maybe you feel a need to please someone, a person who needs you to be a particular way. Maybe you feel that people will laugh at you if you say what you really think. In the long run, not speaking your truth is an insidious and dispiriting energy drain.

If this is dragging you down, it's time to look inside and explore your values and what is important to you. Gain confidence by developing your strengths and creating and environment where you can speak your truth, where you do have permission to blossom.

Insufficient Self Protection

When you are with clients, do you come away feeling drained. Do people expect you to give them treatments for nothing? It can be confusing to have the gift of healing and know that it is something that can benefit people Â? you don't want to hold back. But you have to Â? it is important to set boundaries to protect yourself. You have to know the times and the situations in which you are prepared to work and convey this information to people in a strong and assertive manner. Setting strong boundaries is about valuing yourself and ensuring that you are at your best at all times.

Carrying too much baggage

There are some people that say that baggage is just 'one of those things', an inevitable by product of life. I would say that 'experience' is inevitable but that carrying the feelings of past scenarios around with you wherever you go is exhausting. The past belongs in the past and it is important to let it go. If you are endlessly rerunning past events and past mistakes in your head and can't sleep because of it, it's time to address the issues in such a way that you get closure

Any or all of these energy drains are resolvable through increasing your self awareness and developing supportive habits. They are not personal to you and there are healthy action steps that you can take to ensure that, over time, all of these energy drains are plugged. When you do this, you will become a clear example of 'walking your talk' and you will have much more energy for enjoying your family, your friends and your work.

About the author:

Alison McVey is a life coach and teacher of personal development, emphasising the benefits of being the best that you can be through mastering the art of 'walking your talk '


Author: Alison McVey
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