Reiki and Multiple Sclerosis


Thirteen Case Studies to Investigate the Effects of Reiki on the Symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis

Juliet Pankhurst Â? RGN, Reiki Master

Reiki is a complimentary therapy which originated in Japan. It works on the basis that all living things are made of energy but sometimes the flow of energy through the body can be blocked or depleted when we are sick. Everyone passes energy through their hands. A Reiki practitioner is trained to "tune into" the energy around him rather like a radio receiver this extra energy can then be channelled through their hands into the recipient which increases the patients healing energy supply and can aid self healing.


Thirteen M.S. sufferers with either primary progressive or secondary progressive M.S. were allocated for Reiki treatment from the Medway, Sittingbourne and Gravesend M.S. Society. After taking advice from Dr Chong (Consultant Neurologist Medway Hospital) there were certain measurements put in place:- timed 10metre walk, SF36, Visual scale.

The sufferers were asked to fill in the SF 36 at the beginning and end of treatment and this was sent to Mr Ian Grace (Statistician Department of Primary Health Care Charing Cross)

The sufferers were asked on the first visit to identify the symptoms which were most disruptive to their quality of life. On each visit they were asked to give a score to their individual symptoms, (0 = No Symptoms, 10 = Most Able to Bare). They were timed on a walk over a 10metre distance on each visit. These results will enable us to show how effective Reiki is.

The following charts show a summary of results looking at individual symptoms. Not every one had the same symptoms and therefore there are not 13 results on each graph. The "series" lines represent individual case study results.

Summary of Results

90.2% Reduction of Lethargy

 87%    Reduction of depression

 78.7% Reduction of Cognitive Problems

 75.3% Reduction of Motor Problems

 73.5% Reduction of pain

70.2% Reduction of Fatigue

69.1% Reduction of Urine Problems

62.8% Reduction of Bowel Problems

38% Reduction in Walking Time

 Conclusions of the Benefits of the Use of Reiki in the Symptoms of M.S

The positive results achieved in the thirteen case studies lend themselves that there is clear benefit for M.S. sufferers by the use of this complimentary therapy to alleviate the symptoms of this condition and give them a general feeling of wellbeing. Some of the visual scale results have been astounding. Although this was a voluntary exercise by all parties concerned the overall benefits lead us to believe that the results warrant a professional clinical trial, which we are proposing.

To help support this, the thirteen M.S. sufferers have written their own unbiased thoughts of how they feel that Reiki energy received through these case studies has helped them. We can make these available to you should you wish to see them.

 Looking Ahead

 Overall we are delighted with the results of the case studies. We are planning further more extensive trial work in order to further clarify the efficacy of Reiki on the Symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis. The final objective is to help prove that the use of Reiki in difficult to treat illnesses should be accepted by medical bodies as a valid complimentary therapy that should be available to those who would benefit from it on the NHS.

If you would like to purchase the full case study it can be obtained from the Reiki Research Foundation web site. It is published in the Golden Atlantean Book of Healing. Please contact the Reiki Research Foundation if you wish to have more information.

The Reiki Research Foundation is a comunity interest company and non profit making

About the author:

Juliet is a Reiki Master who specialises in the treatment of chronic illnesses, MS, ME, depression, post traumatic stress disorder and adults or children who have suffered abuse.


Author: Juliet Pankhurst
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