Reiki from the Heart - Losing the Ego


It is very easy for students (and even Masters are students) to get carried away when practising Reiki or other forms of spiritual healing and be drawn by the ego into believing 'their' energy is stronger and more powerful than that of others and their hands are extremely hot and/or their psychic ability is more developed but as I tell my students we are not healers but Reiki channels.  Yes it is very nice to get positive feedback from the recipient.  It serves as confirmation that healing has taken place.  Nevertheless, it is no necessary and only serves the ego mind.

Often both the practitioner and the recipient experience psychic phenomena during a treatment and yes Reiki does sharpen our psychic ability.  It allows us to tune into the recipient helping us to sense where our hands are needed and what the problem is.  However, this is where we must exercise caution and unless we are medical doctors never attempt to diagnose.  If we do sense something needs medical attention it is our duty to suggest our client gets a medical check-up but without causing alarm.

To carry out Reiki all we need is a pure heart and the intention to channel the Reiki energy while detaching from the ego mind.   Developing an attitude of caring detachment is paramount.  All we need to do is work in the moment adopting a meditative state and observing silently whilst using intuition to determine where to place our hands.  If we request help and assistance from our Reiki guides it will surely come and when in doubt, if we feel compelled to speak, it is wise to ask our Reiki guides for help or say nothing at all.  Althoug, we may have psychic insight how we interpret things is subjective and telling clients we sense this or that isn't what Reiki is about.

Ultimately all healing is self-healing and therefore the recipient instinctivelyknows on some level where the problem lies and usually Reiki will allow these issues to surface into the recipient's conscious mind so that they can take action.  Therefore while it is acceptable to offer suggestions when the client has asked for your input we do need to be aware we are treading a fine line and only give advice in areas in which we are qualified.  For example, while it can be helpful to make general suggestions such as getting more rest, relaxation, exercise etc it is damaging to interpret psychic phenomena or give advice in any other field unless qualified to do so but rather it is advisable to recommend another professional.

As Reiki practitioners we act as catalysts to trigger the client's self-healing response and needn't concern ourselves with whether ourhands are hot or whether we are receiving strong sensation only to the extent that we are aware this is where Reiki is needed.  If the energy isn't flowing it either means (a) it isn't needed or (b) the recipient is rejecting it on some level and we need to respect that.

Healing and curing are not the same thing but if the recipient truly wants to be healed with the right intent from the practitioner and with assistance from the Reiki guides the energy will flow.  Healing will surely take place although the outcome may not be as the ego would want or expect as Reiki comes from Divine not human intelligence.  As Reiki practitioners we are merely channels therefore the recipient will draw in energy if it is needed no matter what we do or don't do and this is the reason students cannot make mistakes with Reiki.  The energy will be drawn in wherever it is needed the most whenever we place our hands on the body.

Detachment is not always easy, especially if treating someone we care about but needs to be cultivated.  We all want to help others and that is why we are drawn to Reiki but at the end of the day it is the individual and their contract with the Divine that determines the outcome and not the ego mind.

About the author:

Myra Hodgson is a Reiki Master/Teacher & Holistic Therapist providing training and treatments in Usui Reiki Ryoho as well as holistic healing


Author: Myra Hodgson
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