Self Healing Meditation For New Beginnings

New beginnings always remind me of the game we used to play in the younger years where we would put our hand in a bag and never know what will pop out! It brings out the best and worst in us, challenging the Self to do things that maybe we had never experienced before. It also requires that we trust the process and set the intention.

This meditation is designed to release your energy into the world, sending deep waves of your Self into unknown places and attracting what it is that your journey feels.Your subconscious is constantly seeking out new areas to express what it is you are looking for and who you are. These waves of energy are constantly working to release you into the Universe and attract what it is your thought patterns manifest. This powerful meditation will set the right intention so that you begin to release the positive energy of what it is you really desire. Do this meditation every day for 2 weeks and see how you feel. This is great to use with journal work too!

The results or manifestations of this meditation will not always be instant and may take time. This is because as you release new energy, the old patterns still need to be cleansed out of your system. Trust the process and be sure to take practical steps in your every day life to live for the new vision.

Follow these steps:

1. Begin the meditation by setting the thought/intention in your mind to what it is that you feel you would like in this stage of your journey. Let this item be an essence of the object, not a material object. For example, the essence of wanting a million dollars could be that you want a path that leads to financial security.

2. Sit or lie in a quiet place for this time and think about the essence of what it is you want and why. Make sure that it is in good intention - do not wish harm or negativity for your Self or others.

3. When you are feeling ready, imagine that you are on top of a mountain, high up above the world and connected to the Universe and places unseen or unknown.

4. Focus on your breathing and imagine that with each breath that you release out into the Universe, you are also releasing your ambitions and aims into the Universe, like waves that come out from you, increasingly getting larger as they disappear into the Universe and the unknown. Visualise this for as long as you like.

5. As you are doing this, let your emotions flow Â? How would it feel to have this in your life? What feelings will this bring? While imagining these waves flooding out into the Universe, you may also begin to imagine how good life would be if it was already in your path. Enjoy the thoughts. Release any fear that may be associated with this new experience. Stay in this step for as long as you like.

6. When you are ready, now begin to image that the Universe is flowing back to you Â? the waves are returning to where you are on this mountain and you are drawing in all the positive experiences and events that will lead you to the new essence.

7. Let these waves close in on you and feel them getting stronger and stronger. Enjoy the sensations of attracting your essence. Stay in this step for as long as you like.

8. When it is time to end, thank your Self and the Universe for this experience.


Copyright © 2007 -2009 Linda K. Romera

About the author:

Linda K. Romera is a holistic natural health specialist, writer and Reiki healer/teacher. Based in London (United Kingdom), her services aim to explore creativity, Self growth, Self development and a healthy positive lifestyle.


Author: Linda K
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