Energy Healing Techniques For Couples

Working with your partner in the healing process is a beautiful thing to do. Here are a few techniques that you can try with your partner!

Exercise 1: White Light BubbleThe white light symbolises ultimate healing and bringing good health. Follow these steps:1. Both members should face each other and link hands to form a little circle within the two of you. 2. Now imagine that from above a bright and warm white light is falling on each member, starting from the head and travelling down the spine.3. Take your time to let this white light travel down your spine and gradually feel it cleansing all the chakras as it travels down. 4. Keep your eye contact focussed on your partner and watch the reaction of your partner as they too imagine this white light cleansing their charka system.5. Focus on your breath while using eye contact. Watch and feel the breath go in and out of the body. Listen as your partner breathes. 6. When you are both at the point where you are focussing on the white light at the bottom of your spine, then it is time to imagine that this white light is starting to circle both members, enclosing the two members in a bubble. 7. Keep your hands locked together.8. Enjoy the sensation of being in this white light with your partner. Feel the warmth and feel the connection between the two of you. 9. Simply observe your thoughts. Both members should not feel that there is a need to be a result through the process. Like a scientist performing an experiment, simply observe how the body and mind reacts. 10. Stay in this position for as long as you want to. 11. Finally, focus on the breath and imagine that the white light is entering the body with each breath. This will make you feel more connected with the white light. 12. When you both feel completely cleansed, end the exercise with a prayer of gratitude. You may each say this prayer in your silence or share one, speaking the words loudly and slowly.


 Exercise 2: The Rose OpeningFollow these steps:

1. In this exercise, each partner is facing one another. Keep a meter distance from your partner.2. Begin with your palms flat and next to your chest. Your partner should be doing all the exercises too. 3. Concentrate on your breathing. Now imagine that a pink coloured light is forming inside your palms and growing more powerful and stronger.4. Keep focussing on your breath. Imagine the rose pink light is getting hotter in your palms until it reaches an intense point that you need to release it. 5. When you reach this point, sway your palms in a circular motion, spreading this warm pink light around you. Feel this light falling all around like rain, falling on top of you and on your partner.6. Enjoy the sensation, let out your emotions of love with a smile and keep eye contact with your partner. 7. When you are ready, return back into the original position, palms together. End with a prayer. 

Exercise 3: Dark TunnelFollow these steps:

1. The dark tunnel is a technique used when your eyes are closed. Both people need to be seated opposite one another, facing each other, hands touching the other person's hands. This is best done in a dark room with soft lighting. 2. Each partner should follow these instructions. Close your eyes.3. Observe the darkness that you are seeing with your eyes shut. Look around this space as an open area within your Self. Imagine that this darkness is a dark room. Explore this space; imagine walking through this space and slowly going through this weightless room. 4. Slowly expand this dark room, feel your eyes sink deeper into your head as the dark room expands and gets wider and longer. Keep your eyes shut and relaxed.5. Explore this larger space for as long as you can or for as long as you feel comfortable to do so. 6. When you are ready to move into the next stage, imagine that at the far distance there is a white light in the distance. Focus on this spot and walk (in your mind) towards it.7. Focus on this spot, imagine that this spot is getting larger and coming nearer to you. 8. As you imagine this, feel the energy from the hands of your partner.9. Slowly, the bright spot is getting larger and larger, at a slow pace.10. Keep focusing until this white light eventually opens as a white space and you go through the tunnel of darkness and into a white healing space. You have reached the end of the tunnel.  

Exercise 4: Energy Body ScanThis exercise is for each person to try on the other, taking turns. This works as a wonderful exercise to slowly re-connect and become more sensitive to your partner's energy. This can be used especially when there is tension, misunderstanding or a need to connect with another.Follow these steps:

1. One at a time, approach the other person and stand or sit directly in front of your partner. 2. Rub both of your hands together gently. Put both of your hands parallel and feel the energy between your palms.3. Take your palms and start from the head of the person, roughly 20 cm around the body Â? not touching your partner. Slowly, work your way down their body and sense the energy of your partner. 4. Do you feel any tensions at certain parts of the body? What else do you feel? Observe the changes as you go over certain areas of the body and take a mental note. Scan the body with your hands, from head to toe. 5. Scan the body again for a second time with your palms. This time, imagine a healing energy pass through your palms into the areas that you sense are feeling negative, tension or unbalanced.6. There is no time limit for this exercise. Work with your instinct and take your time. 7. When you feel you have passed love and healing energy to your partner, finish the exercise with eye contact and a smile. A genuine smile is always healing, uplifting, loving and a perfect end to a session.8. Now it is the other person's turn to return the energy body scan.This exercise is soothing, relaxing and gives a wonderful sensation to both people.  

Exercise 5: The Crown Massage

Your crown chakra is located at the top of your head. It is the connection to the spiritual and YOU-niversal forces. This exercise is to enhance and heal this area of the body.

Follow these steps:1. Have your partner seated in a position where you can comfortable reach their head.2. Begin by placing your hands gently on their head. Try to position your hands in a way that only your finger tips are touching the scalp. 3. In gentle circular moves, rotate your finger tips around the scalp. Keep this action slow. Do this movement to the middle of the scalp first.4. Imagine that your palms are transferring love light into this area, a gentle pink light that is cleansing and directed to the crown. 5. Continue to use these circular movements around the areas nearest to the ears. Do this for 5 minutes.6. Stop and gently press your thumb at different points directly behind the ear. 7. Press gently, leave this pressure for a count of 3 and release. 8. Start to do this from the top of the forehead and gently continue to do pressure points in a straight line from the top of the forehead to the top of the neck area.9. Continue to massage the scalp for as long as you enjoy. The scalp is a sensitive area where many of us can store unwanted tension and stress. This exercise is not only cleansing to the crown but may bring clarity and relief of headaches and thought blockages.



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