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It all began with a space project by NASA to find ways to keep astronauts healthy in deep space.  They could not take enough medicine to support a long mission and needed to develop alternative health care. It resulted in a machine often described as a being like "a device from Star Trek" and "delivering 25th Century medicine today". This futuristic computer device is used today by therapists to indicate underlying stressors of the body and factors involved in health problems. All this is picked up through the skin without any invasion to the body or blood being taken! So what is this device? This revolutionary machine is known technically as the Bio-resonance Scio device .

The SCIO is not yet accepted by the National Health Service  but is a tool used by an increasing number of holistic therapists world-wide. Therapists like homeopathic doctors, nutritionalists, osteopaths and other dedicated alternative therapists are using the machine to the great benefit of their clients. Understanding how the machine works requires in depth knowledge of quantum physics but most people can grasp a basic understanding .

How the Scio works

The Scio is based on the principle of resonance or vibration. If there are two similar objects, and one of them is vibrating, the other will begin to vibrate as well, even if they are not touching. Vibration between two objects can be seen in everyday life, from a tuning fork to a guitar string or an opera singer's voice where the musical vibrational Â?frequencyÂ? is used to break a glass. The human body has its own electro-magnetic vibrational field with every tissue, organ, hormone, vitamin etc.. having its own specific rate of vibration. Those items that can cause stress and illness to the body such as bacteria, allergies, virus, parasites, and toxins also have their own vibrational levels which can interfere and distort our own healthy  field.The Scio has a computer database with over 8000 of these different vibrational frequencies stored . When a client is linked to the computer through bands around the head, ankles and wrists the Scio replicates these 8000 plus frequencies (completely painlessly  and very quickly) and registers the clients unconscious, measurable responses to each frequency. The readings will tell the therapist about the energetic state of the body and whether the client is reacting within their normal range to each frequency. This can help the therapist build up a picture of those factors that may be affecting health  such as allergies, intolerances, infections, stress levels, toxicity, bad energies (such as mobile phone and microwave) and energy blockage. The device can not claim to be diagnostic but has been used by many people to research and deal with underlying cause of conditions such as digestive disturbance, fatigue, headaches, weight gain, skin problems and arthritis.

 A trained therapist can then use the analysis of underlying health issues such as allergies/ intolerance, bacteria, toxins and emotional stress to advise the client.  In addition to an analysis of energetic data the Scio can perform almost 50 different corrective therapies. These range from therapies such as electro-acupuncture, Â?zapÂ? frequencies  (homeopathic remedies) and intolerance desensitising to immune stimulation therapy and a host of other beneficial therapies. 

After a quick non-invasive test the computer even recommends which therapies would suit the clients needs best. With a constant feedback ability the Scio will continually alter the Â? frequenciesÂ? to ensure that the clients unconscious reactions show maximum effectiveness from the therapies.Whilst not claiming to be a Â?cure allÂ?, the Scio can be used advantageously for a wide number of health conditions such as:digestive disorders, ME (chronic fatigue), Insomnia, nutritional imbalance, unexplained weight gain,food or environmental sensitivities  skin problemsgeneral fatigue and mild depression 

One client, Tina D has suffered from chronic fatigue for 7 years and says "Scio has given me hope after years of not knowing where to turn. The therapy programmes give a real lift and energy boost after years of lethargy".Bio-energetic therapy from the Scio can send oscillations or vibrations into the body in order to reverse destructive energy patterns from pathogens that harm the body such a viruses, bacteria and parasites.  It also aims to re-energise body organs and systems by amplifying and strengthening healthy frequencies in order to help re-establish optimum health. 

Ruth C from Bedford has suffered long term ill health and after her Scio analysis and therapy she comments that "I was amazed by how accurate the information was - even though some of it only made sense with hindsight. I have used the information supplied to make dietary and lifestyle changes from which I am already benefiting"By analysing and manipulating energy patterns Bioresonance therapy is helping the body at its most profound level. 

It is technology that has been used successfully in Northern America for over twenty-three years but until recently, been slow to reach our shores.  It safe for most people including children. Could this be where the energetic revolution begins? .

About the author:

Donna Milligan is a Nutritional and Scio Bioresonance therapist who helps her clients with a range of conditions from IBS, skin and hormonal issues to allergy , mild depression and fatigue among others . Her consultations include Wellness MOTS, Allergy/Intolerance Analysis and Menopause Naturally Consultations as well as postal nutritional consults. Specialises in making programmes suitable for the individual.More info at or call 01234 838880


Author: Donna Milligan
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