Stress in the Workplace !

In 2005,  Personnel Today  reckoned that Stress in the Workplace cost the UK £100bn a year. Employees still struggle to alleviate stress in the workplace with further demands on employees.

Small changes can be made even for smaller companies who find it difficult to make dramatic changes such as flexi time policies, quiet rooms, counselling and support etc.

Employees still find it difficult to disclose emotional and mental health problems to employers  in relation to prejudice, fear of future job prospects etc

So what can the small employers do to help? There is many small changes employers can make some include;

Breaks: emphasis the importance of   employees taking breaks, tea and lunch breaks are important to help the body restore energy levels, clarity and de-stress.

Healthy Eating: encourage healthy eating by using a local fruit supplier or snack  company that supply healthy option snacks, rather than the local burger or hot dog van. Many employees eat on convenience, provide healthier options and you will have healthier staff.

Healthy Environment: it is important that any environment is as healthy as can be in relation to the type of work and industry. Noise pollution, environmental issues can have a serious impact on someone who is  already suffering from stress. Is there proper air conditioning, healthy room     temperature, comfortable seating etc

Employee Perks: Discounts or free access to counseling , therapies is another way to help support your staff encourage them to stay in the workplace rather than off at home. A great bonus is to offer staff a free therapy day or lunchtime therapy week every so often. Some companies offer this monthly, even yearly as a bonus. If your company cant afford this you can pay a portion of this service.

Supportive Management : reassuring employees that certain problems can be  discussed with sensitivity and in total confidence is vital. Regular reviews with individual staff builds up trust and can help nip problems in the bud. Is your management approachable, professional, supportive and caring ? Do you recognise if an employee  is suffering from Stress?

Water: Dehydration causes added stress to the body and its function. Regular intake of fresh clean, water is very healthy and can be very important to keep us functioning well. Why not supply your staff with a water well, a small cost to help your staff.

Workplace Training: Training in the workplace can be very helpful it encourages team building, further skills and confidence. Assertiveness,   Confidence Building and Stress  Management can empower your employees as individuals. This can be empowering for both employers and employees.








About the author:

Qualified Stress Adviser & Complementary Therapist specialises in relaxation, managing stress. Provides one to one sessions and workshops for organisations in lanarkshire, scotland.Would like to support more clients suffering from M.E. having myself suffered from this debilitating condition for over 18 years.


Author: Eileen Burns
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