What is HypnoBirthing all About?

HypnoBirthing® is an educational method for natural, relaxed, comfortable childbirth, using self-hypnosis and breathing techniques. Mothers learn to release the fear that most of us have inadvertently absorbed, and in doing so, allow her body and the baby to trust in their own instincts, to relax and experience a safer, easier, calm, birthing. The mother's birth companion - the father or partner - is a key participant throughout.

10 years ago I was fortunate to attend a HypnoBirthing® practitioners training, taught by Marie Mongan. Marie developed this method over 25 years ago, basing it upon on the writings and theories of the two pioneers of natural childbirth, Drs. Dick Grantly-Reed and Jonathan Dye. We learned about the physiology of birthing and how the baby and the mother's body work together to bring the new person into the family and into the world. We learned about self-hypnosis and deep relaxation, using different breathing techniques as labour proceeds, how the mother can "get out of the way" and allow it to happen, and we watched videos of calm, relaxed, even serene women giving birth to non-traumatized infants.

Even the terminology is different, reflecting the HypnoBirthing® philosophy of describing the experience in a gentler, non-medical manner, evoking emotions of feeling good, rather than creating fear and lack of understanding. Instead of "contractions," uterine surges; the uterine seal instead of "mucous plug;" we receive the baby instead of "catch the baby." Instead of "water breaking," HypnoBirthing® speaks of membranes releasing; instead of perineal tissues "stretching," they unfold. This language helps to shape the thought that birthing is a natural, normal, and healthy experience (in the absence of special circumstances).

In the class were several "hypno-moms," who had birthed their babies this way. One was there with her 3-week-old son - alert and looking around, perhaps one of the calmest babies of this age I have ever seen.

I was inspired and moved - by the material, by the other participants, and by Marie herself - happily much more than I had bargained for. Since then I have taught HypnoBirthing to over 100 very delightful, and delighted couples. Some came to me because of their FEAR of birth, some because of a previous traumatic birth, some because they knew that a calm, safe and satisfying birth could be theirs. I had 6 couples in a recent class, and 3 of these had births under 5 hours. No C-sections, and no pain medication necessary. Six very happy parents and families, with wonderful, contented babies.

HypnoBirthing, The Mongan Method WORKS, and all the statistics are based on this methodâ??s successes. There is no shortcut to excellence; there is a lot of information to absorb from this course and the results are there to prove it.

For more information see www.HypnoBirthing.co.uk


About the author: Tara Economakis is a Hypnotherapist of over 15 years experience, and vows that HypnoBirthing , The Mongan Method, is the most important and enjoyable area of her practice.  It works, and produces calm, relaxed babies and families, which all contribute to a better world and  life energy.  There is no shortcut to excellence!

Website: www.lastingchanges.co.uk

Author: Tara Economakis
Website: https://www.lastingchanges.co.uk/
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