Themes instead of Resolutions

Themes instead of Resolutions

Well here we are, half way through February 2020 and I thought I’d share my way of thinking regarding New Years, and that old "Resolution" chestnut.  By now, most of those Resolutions will be but a memory - and one you’d rather forget no doubt!

Some years ago, I abandoned making Resolutions.  I believe they are often unrealistic, far too specific, often hard to achieve, and can leave us with a negative feeling about ourselves that’s hard to shake. None of these are good for us.

Instead, I set a ”Theme” for the coming year. Whereas Resolutions are specific and rigid, a Theme is rather a way of being.  An umbrella which encompasses many aspects of a concept, idea or wish. 

As in previous years I have adopted a "Theme" for 2020 and thought I’d share it, so you can find a positive way to direct your hopes and fears for the coming year.  I hope you can use this idea for yourself, and it’s not too late to put one together for your 2020! 

To give you some background and relevance to this idea of Themes, here are a few of mine from previous years

2019 was my FABaR year ( I'll come back to it's meaning in a minute! )

2018 was a FAB year, which stood for;

Finances: (manage and review); 
Activities: (covering my physical health and socialising); and 
Business: (promoting and expanding its base and my knowledge).

Here’s how they went, and what I felt I achieved. 2018 went well, with a huge effort and achievement regarding "Finances". Unfortunately, “Activities “were compromised by a fall in early March which damaged my shoulder and restricted me through mobility and discomfort. Not good.  This had a knock on effect on “Business” as I didn’t put energy into promotion and I had to cease working for a few months, doing only the minimum.  So, I decided that it made sense to adopt FABaR for 2019. 

This one stands for;

Finances (manage and review); 
Activities (covering my physical health and socialising); and 
Business (promoting and expanding its base and my knowledge), and

With “Themes” there is nothing to stop you rolling the theme over to the next year, or picking it up again.  It’s not specific like “lose weight”, stop drinking etc.  My Themes are more like umbrellas and can shift, change and adapt as my life does.  So, for example, my “Activities” for 2019 embraced exercise, designed specifically at increasing my strength, mobility and reducing discomfort. I also shifted my social activities. For example, I took up a place on a committee serving those with Post Polio, to give back some skills and build up my confidence again as going out had become a bit frightening. I also reinforced my own Hypnotherapy regime, using it to build positivity and pain management. So, as you can see, the same but only different!

So, for 2020, my theme is going to be Stability. I know the obvious angle to this one is physical, as my balance is an issue and so that is very relevant!  However, following on from the last 2 years, I am looking at a broader aspect to this.  My home and its needs.  After 5 years there are repairs and general maintenance to look at. My Yoga practise which helps with the resistance to “catastrophizing”. It’s so easy for any of us to do, and age brings some very real health challenges!  That coupled with the ability to source information easily, can also make this an area of fear and apprehension.  Enjoying my family and engaging with them as much as I can.  You get the idea.  This year is less prescriptive and more about engaging with others in my different areas of life.

My previous years are available to read if you wish. I have been doing them too long now to list them all but happy to share if anyone wants to know the sort of things I’ve adopted in the past. Just ask.

As ever, would love to hear your take on this if you have a Theme, or help you find one if you haven’t yet.  Finally, happy 2020 to you all.

Author: Shonagh M Terry
Copyright © 2023 Shonagh M Terry. All rights reserved

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