Top Ten Feng Shui Tips

Top Ten Feng Shui Tips - by David Walters

1 - How Chi enters your home... The front door is one of the most important areas to consider when starting your Feng Shui journey. It is where most of the Chi to your property enters, as do you. It should firstly be in proportion to the rest of the house, clean and very tidy. Try to make it as welcoming as possible, ensuring the door and its furniture is clean and in good working order. It is also worth noting that your house number or name should be visible and clearly seen from the road, a benefit not only to actual visitors, but to lay the path down for possibilities and opportunities to come your way without difficulty. The doorway should be free of obstructions and the entrance hall clear of piles of shoes and coats. It is also a good idea to buy a new door mat every year, throwing away the old one and its collected negative, foot wiped Chi.

2 - Clear that Clutter! Clearing clutter could be one of the very first things you do, in order to improve the overall Chi within your home. Clutter, can be put into numerous categories, for instance, old paperwork, piles of clothing, stuff on the stairs, old gifts you no longer want, etc. But the basic principle to follow is this:If you answer no to any of the following throw it out, recycle it or give it to a charity shop!?

  • Do you Love it?
  • Does have any lasting practical use?
  • Have you used it in the last 18 months?
  • If broken; can it be fixed?
  • This gift from a friend or relative is wanted and has meaning in my life?

This can be hard to get to grip with at first, and after a long time of hoarding, can often be a real struggle.This aims to strip away from our lives irrelevant and useless objects and effects that we tend to carry around with us till the end of days. Purging ourselves of unwanted and broken belongings, allows us to let the future provide for us, providing we are positive and open ourselves.

3 - Clarity is everything This isn't a commonly recommended Feng Shui tip, yet I feel it has a lot of impact on our daily lives. If you have dirty, cracked or even broken windows, this will have a direct effect on you. The windows of a property are representative of its eyes. It's the clear vision and clarity of thought that a good set of clean windows can bring. I also feel that light that enters your home could also be tainted and its purity lost if it has to go through grime, smears and bird droppings before resting on your face. So get out there with a bottle of vinegar and some newspaper and shine your windows inside and out until sparkling clean!

4 - Sweet Dreams..? When considering your bedroom and the amount of time we spend resting during our lives it adds up. So reason would suggest that making sure there are no electromagnetic fields close to our heads could severely have an impact on our sleep patterns. A good, clear flow of air in your bedroom is recommended, and equal space either side of the bed.

5 - The KitchenStart by throwing away any items of cutlery and pottery that may be cracked or chipped. This broken sense of completeness can impact on the food and drink we have from the item. It is much better to give your guests an untarnished mug of tea, than one that is stained brown with use.As food is one of the main sources for our energy and Chi, the kitchen must be kept very clean and preferably situated in the south of any house. Try to keep your cupboards nicely stocked up, and fresh vegetables in your fridge.

6 - Your Living room As this room is generally the one most time is spent in (second to the bedroom), it should be kept very tidy and clean. It is worth finding out your Kua Number to arrange your room in the best way for you and your family. 

7 - Photography and Artwork The use of photography and artwork can really bring a room to life. I recommend using natural textures and images to bring a little of the outside world inside. Photographs of your family and friends also helps bring your connection to them alive every time you view the picture.Try to avoid pictures that are dull or somewhat depressing in nature, as this will again have a direct impact on our psychology. So too will pictures of one person reinforce the essence of your single life if you are so.

8 - LightingLights should always be energy savers where possible, and always remove and replace bulbs that have blown. Clever use of lighting can really make a difference to a room. Try to brighten up any dark corners to lift stagnant Chi that may be collecting there.

9 - It's a Jungle in here?! Plants have fantastic energy and can really add outside life to inside your home. There are lots of wide, rounded shaped leaved plants to choose from. Each type of plant although WOOD in principal also hold other characteristics depending on shape, size and colours. To activate and liven up a dark corner, you could place a slightly pointy leaved plant here with a standard lamp behind it to show off its foliage.

10 - You! Good Feng Shui will only ever be as good as you are at keeping it up. Not only should one try and put positive thoughts belief into the re-arranging of rooms and space clearing, but also to the whole world. As my understanding of thoughts being as tangible as heat from a radiator, it is vital to try and keep this attitude when thinking about others. Having negative thoughts and attitudes will only serve to promote negative happenings and people to you.

Article by David Walters FSSA - FREEFLOW FENG SHUI

About the author:

David Walters, FSSA, Dip. Chiro practicing, accredited Feng Shui consultant in Norwich, Norfolk


Author: David Walters
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