Universal Whitetime Healing

An Introduction

There is so much that can be said about this subject, for it is so vast and there's so many other subjects that Whitetime connects with, that it would be impossible to explain it completely. This is because Whitetime is so much more than just a healing modality for use on Earth, and in fact, Whitetime does not even come from Earth.It is not White Light Healing, Spiritualist Healing or anything like Reiki or any other Healing Energy or Healing Modality used on Earth. Whitetime is a force that comes from out in the universe and it is part of the very fabric of our creation and all physical creation, In fact of life itself and the life behind all life and is tremendously divine.Whitetime is a very protected energy to ensure that it is always protected and that the knowledges and energy it contains is always kept pure and totally loving. The energy of Whitetime itself contains more than we as humans could currently comprehend, for it contains within it all colours, tones, frequencies and units of time (past, present and future). In fact it contains all possibilities in physical creation .....It is the energy used by all of the Masters, Archangels, Angels, Light Beings, Light Extraterrestrials, and even guides use it!!It stands to reason really, as the beings who adapted this force to be used on Earth are billions and billions of years old, and all that knowledge, love and wisdom has been evolving in Whitetime ever since. Whitetime never stops growing, and neither do those who are connected to or working with it. Considering that everything that exists is energy or vibration, that also means that knowledge is energy, and when you are connected to a force of energy that contains all that information and all those possibilities, you can see how it may be possible for you to really open up to things Spiritually.Being connected to the energy of Whitetime is a colossal catalyst for spiritual growth and understanding. The Higher Beings who use Whitetime do not use it for the same purposes as we would use the energy, for of course they do not live in worlds of disharmony; instead they use Whitetime for many other purposes, from spiritual things to more practical exercises including space travel!!So as we can see, the possibilities of working with Whitetime are truly endless!!!!

Universal Whitetime Healing

Whitetime is truly the most holistic form of healing that you could ever hope to find. It heals on all levels and all time frames of you i.e all the parts of you existing anywhere, anytime.When we look at our bodies and judge how healthy we are by just that, we are missing huge parts of the picture and are sadly lacking in understanding about true health and what that really is. It must not be ignored that we are all made up of energy and that our bodies must be also, therefore we cannot ignore the energy systems of our bodies that are the cause of health and ill health.Everything that is physical has to start from the beginning, it has to start from energy, as we all have. So when we begin on a journey of healing, we have to remember that we are more than just a body; we have chakras, an aura, meridians and many important energy flows and points.But you can take it even further than that. You can take it down to the smallest thing that sets us all apart from each other; our vibrations.When you are sick, the song that your cells sing is Â?out of tuneÂ? because your energy is out of harmony. There are many things in this world that effect us and this creates an imbalance in your energy. This leads to a lack of certain frequencies and to much of others.When we heal with Whitetime, we are using a force of energy that contains all the colours, frequencies, tones and vibrations that you could ever need, to return you to balance, health and harmony. This does not just work on your physical body. Whitetime works on your emotions, consciousness, mind, soul and even further, as we need all of those levels to be complete and balanced.Emotions that we feel, thoughts that we think, experiences that we live and lessons that our soulÂ?s learn are all energy as well, so is possible to balance them with energy healing too.When we see things on a higher level and from an energy level, we see how things work better and why Whitetime is so effective. By understanding the original forces of creation we can really open up our possibilities. It changes our whole perspective on life and the life behind all life. It helps us to see the bigger picture of our lives, experiences, spirituality and health.Whitetime will be the energy that will be needed for the New Earth and will and does create miracles through love and healing for people.Whitetime holds no limits, and neither does its healing.

The Benefits Of Whitetime Healing

There are so many benefits of receiving Universal Whitetime Healing. It will heal you and your life to make things flow in a positive and beautiful way for your past, present and future. Whitetime Healing is not just about healing your physical body, it can help you in so many other areas of your life.You can receive healing through Whitetime for anything and it is safe for everyone as you cannot overdose on it and can use it on babies, children, adults across the board. Even plants, trees and nature. The power of Whitetime is immense and unimaginable like nothing else you have ever experienced. Yet the softness of it is remarkable and it fills you with love and light. There is absolutely nothing that it cannot treat.Whitetime contains everything that you could ever need, hence why it is so powerful and effective. It is intelligent and knows exactly what you need, when, where and how much. All sorts of doors can open for you just through receiving healing. This can be in life situations and also in spirituality and spiritual growth.Whitetime is totally loving and non judgmental, and all Whitetime Healers should exercise as much of the same kind of attitude to ensure that clients feel safe and good in the healing environment. It will never impede free will choice or Karma, but will aid you in making the transition smoother for you. Sometimes there are lifeÂ?s experiences that we need to have in order to grow.Sometimes, situations and relationships in our lives donÂ?t go too smoothly and we need a little love or assistance with things. Many people also find it hard to be confident and empowered and this can be resolved in a good way with Whitetime. Self love is very important for us all and it is much easier to work on that with a force as loving as Whitetime.Whitetime is also an excellent stress buster and cure for depression, and treats all sorts of emotional shocks and traumas, as we have all had experiences from this life and past ones that we can find hard to deal with and move on from. Whitetime can heal the past, it can put light into bad experiences and change the way we feel about things and clears the energy from the body.It is also possible to treat any and every kind of physical ailment with Whitetime, though it is still good for healthy people as well, as it strengthens, cleanses and supports the body and its systems. So we can say that Whitetime is totally holistic, heals parts of you that other energies wonÂ?t reach, and has everything you need.In fact it will change your life if you let it.If that is the sort of healing that you are interested in, why not experience it for yourself?


About the author:

Coming from a family of healers, I am third generation and have years of experience with many healing modalities. I studied Bio-Magnetic Therapy with the founder, my grandfather who stood at the forefront of this type of healing, which is now practiced world wide. I also embraced the art of Chinese medicine and perfected techniques with Acupuncture and then went on to become a Reiki master. Now the focus of all my work is Universal White Time Healing and Teaching, New Earth Teaching and Gemstone Healing from the White Time philosophy, as the results are phenomenal and surpass any of the healing techniques I have previously used. I look forward to sharing this knowledge with you and seeing the wonderful results you can achieve.

Website: http://www.uwth.co.uk

Author: Julian Corbett
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