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As many of you will be aware we are living in times of great change on almost every level. A shift in consciousness which is accompanied by great turbulence and insecurity. There are great inner changes going on too. Many of us are questioning the meaning and purpose of our lives and becoming aware of a need within us that cannot be satisfied by material possessions alone.

Spiritual Coaching is a way for us to understand our place in the world - or indeed our place in the universe. It means looking at areas of your life that are more about you and your daily existence. After all, life seems to be constantly full of detail and activity, and even things that make us feel good; but in the long run it lacks meaning.

When you start to awaken spiritually you often need guidance to find your Â?innerÂ? light and this is where coaching can help you. Spiritual Coaching will help you to think for yourself, to learn, to trust your own inner feelings and intuition. To find what is right for you and disregard what doesnÂ?t feel right, and of course find the balance you need in both the physical and spiritual world.

The areas looked at include:

Self Healing and acceptance

Beginning your journey

Compassion and forgiveness

Finding your soulÂ?s purpose

Creative tools to inspire your ideal life

Developing your intuition

Meditation and visualization

Living a balanced life

Affirmations Asking for guidance

A coach is a friend, guide and mentor who supports your journey and assists you developing a healthy personal foundation.

Today think about what makes you feel connected to the universe? If looking at a building, bridge or any other form of amazing structure that makes you feel full of wonder and excitement, then perhaps you should be studying architecture, visiting museums or exhibitions. If children are your connection, then you probably would be a great teacher, nurse, youth worker or other form of work involving young people. If you are creative, then why not use your skills to paint, design or do whatever inspires you. Start to make choices that bring you closer to the things that hold meaning for you, think about your thoughts, actions and deeds of the day, and youÂ?ll find life is immeasurably happier and richer.

The benefits of developing your spiritual understanding are:

You attract people who share your thoughts, dreams and vision.

You are calm and peaceful and express unconditional love.

OtherÂ?s notice extraordinary aspects about you and comment on things like the brightness in your eyes, or feelings of warmth and appreciation when they are around you.

You know you are unconditionally loved, always.

You know the present is perfect.

You trust in the divine timing and listen to your intuition to lead you in the right direction for you.

You know who you really are.

Happiness surrounds you and you appreciate each day.

About the author:

About the author: Holistic Therapist offering range of massage therapies and energy healing, Reiki Master/Tutor of accredited courses and workshops. Helping you to a more positive and balanced life.

Website: http://www.serendipityleeds.moonfruit.com

Author: Leigh Shephard
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