The Effect Of Vaccinations On Long-Term Disease Patterns


Barbara Wren, Principal of The College of Natural Nutrition, regards the customary procedure of vaccination as having a considerable damaging effect on the health of the growing and adult individual. Throughout her twenty five years of practicing, Barbara was able to observe the unequivocable results that vaccinations have on long-term disease patterns, affecting the physical, mental and emotional being. Barbara had first hand experience to add to her own observations, having developed Anorexia soon after the BCG inoculations. Her conclusions on the effects of vaccinations were integrated with her own naturopathic philosophy around dehydration and nutritional imbalances, to present a picture of the problem which, although alarming, can be tackled at the source. Below Barbara has summarised the main points that need to be bourne in mind when looking at vaccinations from a Natural Nutrition viewpoint.

Barbara believes that everything which causes stress to a person has an end manifestation as dehydration. Among some of the common causes of stress are a poor diet, excessive travelling, magnetic interference, living and working against the seasonal cycles and using modern drugs (e.g. antibiotics, steroids and the pill). However the most serious cause of stress are indeed vaccinations, which are like setting a top class athlete on the starting blocks and never firing the pistol: they will drop from adrenal exhaustation and dehydration.

To understand how deeply dehydration can affect the physical, mental and emotional well-being, one must be aware of a very simple, yet fundamental process common to all animals on this planet. This process is called 'the sodium/potassium pump' for reasons that hopefully will become clear in the course of this paragraph. During the day sodium is pushed inside the cells by the sun's action, whilst during the night this process is reversed as the sodium is pulled out of the cell by the moon's activity as we lie down. This process relies on the condition of the membrane surrounding each cell.

Stress, as for example a challenging diet comprising diuretics (e.g. tea, coffee, fizzy drinks, alcohol), excess salt and sugar, convenience foods and damaged fats, would drive the body to go on what Barbara calls 'dehydration alert'. This starts a process where the body defends the precious fluids inside the cell by producing natural cholesterol to coat the cell membrane. Whilst this is a very beneficial temporary measure, it disables the cell's vital ability to cleanse on a day to night basis and so a vicious circle is started. The more sodium is locked within the cell, the more water is needed to dilute it, hence the more water is locked within the cell, leading to water retention and bloating. The irony is that all this water is actually inaccessible to the rest of the body, which thus goes on 'dehydration alert'.

All vaccinations cause extreme adrenal exhaustion and dehydration, which, in turn have an immediate effect on the body's ability to cleanse. As our ability to cleanse is impaired, so our toxic load increases accordingly. Our body will do its best at any given time to preserve its most fundamental vital functions and so disease will naturally progress from a physical level to a mental level. As a result of the internal toxicity increasing consistently and dramatically ever since the Industrial Revolution, we are seeing a great deal of brain/head level toxicity in all of the central nervous system disorders: Schizophrenia, Autism, Eating Disorders, Dyslexia, Manic Depression, M.E., M.S., Parkinsons, Aids and H.I.V.

Dehydration sets up a need for Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs) and Phospholipids for the central nervous system, hence to maintain hydration in the body EFAs and Phospholipids are vitally important. The EFAs are responsible for 30 different prostaglandins which work directly with the endocrine system. This is, according to Barbara, the reason why there is a direct effect of the BCG vaccination on the central nervous system causing Anorexia. It is believed, in fact, that in Anorexia cellular changes occur in the frontal brain due to EFA and Phospholipid deficiency. "In 90% of the cases I have seen of Anorexia, the disease had developed within 6 months of the BCG vaccination. From that we can see that the stress of the vaccination has increased the dehydration problem and EFAs and Phospholipid destruction. The BCG vaccination is particularly damaging when given to someone who is already very 'tubercular', i.e. very dehydrated and struggling with body cleansing and showing deficiencies in EFAs and Phospholipids. A similar picture can be seen in Autism which is rapidly increasing with young children who are given so many antibiotics, steroids and vaccinations, so that their weakness picture goes from physical to mental very quickly.

This alarming picture throws the spotlight on the real culprits here, the real causes of long term disease. We are not talking about infectious diseases that vaccines are supposed to be targeting and which have been largely declining ever since the introduction of improved diets, sanitation and living conditions. The real offenders here are vaccinations themselves, along with antibiotics, steroids and similar prescription drugs. They all generate incredible stress to the body, draining it of vital energy and essential substances and creating fertile ground for long term disease to thrive upon.

This, with the overwhelming evidence that has recently been made available to the general public, arguing the effectiveness of vaccines and confirming the spectrum of their side effects, should provide ample doubts around the medical justifications for such a procedure.


About the author:

Barbara Wren is Principal of the College of Natural Nutrition.


Author: Barbara Wren
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