DON'T Make New Year's Resolutions!

DON'T Make New Year's Resolutions!


Did you achieve the New Year's Resolutions that you promised yourself in 2007? What about 2006? 2005?

Or, how many of your friends, family or colleagues do you know that that set New Year's Resolutions and actually achieved them? Not many, I'm sure.

The truth is, New Years Resolutions simply don't work! They generally don't work because people lack the real commitment needed to follow through.

SET GOALS instead!!

Setting a goal is far more definitive than having New Years Resolutions

My success formula for achieving any goal is:

Ã? Be Specific about the goal (a house)

Ã? Set a Deadline when you want to achieve the goal (31 Dec 2012)

Ã? Identify the Reasons you want to achieve the goal. What will achieving the goal give you that you don't already have? (These could be tangible or intangible benefits). The more reasons you have for achieving the goal, the more likely it is that you will achieve that goal

Ã? How will you achieve the goal? i.e. break the goal down into smaller, manageable chunks or sub-goals ( contact architect, identify location, visit estate agents, contact builders, survey property, save £Â?Â?Â?; pay deposit, etc)

Ã? Identify deadlines for each of the above Sub-goal and tick each one off as you achieve it

Ã? Identify Who can help you to achieve your goal. Chances are you know lots of people already around you who could possibly help you achieve your goal. Failing that, they may know others who could help you

Ã? How will you know that you have achieved the goal? How will you Recognise your achievement? What will you see, hear, feel, smell, touch? What is the last thing that you would do or the last step you would make that tells you that you have achieved your goal? Fast forward and take yourself into the future and see, sense or imagine yourself achieving that goal

Ã? The more Vivid your Imagination and the more Emotion you attach to the goal, the likelihood it is that you will achieve your goal.

Ã? How might you achieving your goal affect other people? (positive or negative outcomes)

Ã? Do you still want to achieve your goal?

Ã? Once you have decided to go ahead with your goal, then commit 100% to achieving it. TAKE ACTION today!

Good luck!

'Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity!'

Contact me for further clarification on achieving your goals or to book a Coaching Programme to make 2008 the year for you! Contact me now on+44 (0) 121 551 1668 or or

PS: Remember, failing to plan your life is planning to fail!

PPS: Make 2008 the year to remember and that you did achieve something! Contact me now!

About the author:

My personal mission is to have a positive impact on other people's lives. My business mission is to take one billion parents, families and young people on their journeys of conscious awareness, enlightenment, light, love and gratitude.


Author: Jennifer McLeod
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