Ostara Healing and the Magic of Being

The Spring Equinox is marked by the sacred festival of Ostara. This turning point of the year, when day and night are in equal balance before yielding once again to the light, has been celebrated throughout human history and culture as the renewal of life on earth with the coming of spring.The same energy that stirs nature herself from her sleep and calls the buds and shoots from the ground stokes the fire in the belly of the human animal and we are moved to consider anew our lives and purpose here on the planet.Perhaps for you, as for me, lifeÂ?s purpose is something of a holy grail .. an instinct or intuition that cannot quite be grasped, shining somewhere just out of reach amidst the fundamental confusion of our lives. And yet, particularly for Â?spiritual peopleÂ?, there is an underlying expectation that we should know what this life thingÂ?s all about by now, and if we donÂ?t then weÂ?re somehow falling short.The energies of the Spring Equinox invite us to gently let go of the outdated beliefs and expectations that longer serve us and to make room for some new flowers to grow.True spirituality is not the zeal of certainty but a liberation into your own authentic experience Â? the way it really is for you. This is the journey to your own heart. It cannot be rushed or forced, it has its own sense of time and becomes possible only through the vulnerable process of gradually allowing more of yourself into your awareness and learning to accept and honour all that you are without exception, however broken, or messy or magnificent.Make your own Being your temple; honour your authentic experience as the only truth, step off the well trodden path and immerse yourself in the ordinary, extraordinary mystery of being alive.

About the author:

Lynn Elizabeth Evans is a Reiki Master and teacher in Wirral, Merseyside dedicated to promoting Reiki as a system of spiritual awakening.

Website: http://www.livingreiki.org

Author: Lynn Evans
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