The Therapy of Vedic Astrology

Astrology and Physicians

Since ancient times astrology has been used by physicians as the foremost tool for finding out what ailments a person may suffer, and which medicines would suit the individual as cure or remedy.

Even until recently doctors in the west had to swear the 'Hippocratic oath' which meant in essence that they would 'do no harm'.

Hippocrates was a Greek physician and many called him the 'father of medicine'. He was known to use the tool of astrology in his work as a physicist as this saying is attributed to him:" He who does not understand astrology is not a doctor but a fool."

Plants were also selected for their medicinal values and were also understood to be ruled by planetary revolutions, therefore the application of astrology became a very holistic approach to healing.

Planets, Constellations and the Human Body

Clearly anyone who studies astrology can see that here is a significant correlation between the position of the planets at the time of birth and the placement of scars, moles and injuries on the body of the person for who the chart is drawn up. I have delivered readings and astro events for very many years and enjoy telling people where they will have birth marks or moles on their body as this astounds and amazes all. Although I have never met a person before I can pick out where moles or birth marks will be on their physiology and tell them which they had from birth.

I can also rectify charts for many people who don't know their correct time of birth using this method.

On one occasion a client with a relationship problem desperately needed to have his time of birth found so I could go ahead and get a fuller reading of what influences were at work and how we could remedy these. Once I scanned planets at play on his day of birth I could see that with certain moles and scars indicated by the planets I could narrow down the time of day he was born. The horoscope tells an astrologer which side of the body is likely to suffer scars, moles or injuries, so in expert hands it is easy to see which side of the chart planets should be at birth if they are to mirror the marks found on the same side of the body for whom the chart is erected.

I use Vedic or constellational astrology in my work with clients. Although western astrology gives body connections with sun or star signs, it is the actual constellations which more accurately connect to the physiology. Vedic astrology is thousands of years old and has a whole body of tried and tested techniques for establishing ailments and indispositions.

Vedic astrology is also useful in deciding on the best ayurvedic medicine to use on an individual as the two systems offer the same approach to understanding the body, environment and universal laws we have to interact with. I have helped many people with their diet and daily habits due to looking at their chart and being able to explain to them which food better suits their disposition according to the primary humours. I can also see which planets are setting up an imbalance in their chart and can tell them which types of food will help offset them.

Astrology even helps me identify from his horoscope which parts of his body my little Tibetan Terrier will also experience pain and injuries to!

Vedic Gemstones Remedy

Gemstones are also used as remedy but not the very watered down, erroneous and often dangerous sun sign version used by many in the west. In Vedic astrology gemstone remedies are part of a huge body of knowledge applicable to not only the properties of the gems themselves, but also the planetary rays and the way these are sent out to the body via their placement at the exact time of birth. The weight and height of a person, the ascendant in the chart as well as size and shape of the stone and exact day of setting and purchase of the gemstone, as well as setting it in the correct metal, are also important if the remedy is to be effective. All has to be done according to planetary laws for the purpose of effective therapy.

I'm convinced that had Diana been properly prescribed the correct gemstone for her astrological chart, she would never have worn the blue sapphire engagement ring, and would not have suffered the enormous grief and limitations that this gem brought her way in married life. This gem strengthened the most malefic influences in her astrological chart.

Gemstone remedies for offsetting imbalances in a horoscope should only be prescribed by a properly trained vedic astrologer such as myself, and via the services of someone highly trained in the art of gem selection and setting for the purpose of remediation and therapy. A properly trained Vedic astrologer can also tell which finger or part of the body the gemstone should be worn next to and how it should be set for maximum impact and this can only be seen from the chart of the person concerned. In my own experience and those of people I know well, such therapy works and is of high value in promoting a healthier and more fulfilling life.

Finally to know your own destiny as revealed in a chart is to feel empowered, reassured you are on the right path, and is also an illuminating experience which gives greater insight into you and your place in the universe. What can be more healing and inspiring than that?

About the author:

Tricia George, Yorkshire based, delivering expert astrology features, media articles, broadcasts, readings, talks, and astro events for over 30 years.


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