What is Crystal Healing ?

The use of crystals, minerals, rocks, gemstones for healing goes back to all the ancient cultures. Over time, with experience, the properties of different minerals became known, just as each culture got to know the benefits of their local herbs and plants for healing.

Clear quartz, sometimes known as rock crystal, and composed of silicon, oxygen and water, has known properties of storing, focussing and transmitting a very constant frequency of energy vibration. Quartz is used for these very properties in watches, computers, and much of the scientific precision equipment used in industry and in our hospitals, such as CAT scans, ultrasound machines etc. The lasers used in laser surgery are powered through quartz and so crystals are key to our most advanced surgical procedures.

Human beings are largely made up of water, oxygen, some silicon and the remaining 5% or so is various trace minerals and elements. Since we are so largely made up of the same elements as quartz, we vibrate, on an energy level, at the same frequency when we are in perfect health and balance. When our energies are out of balance, through mental, emotional or physical dis-ease, quartz can bring us back to balance.

Other minerals and gemstones are beneficial in healing for their specific energy frequencies. Just as the colours on the visible and invisible spectrum vibrate at different frequencies, so does each mineral Â? for example, fluorite is beneficial for teeth and gums (and is used in toothpaste and added to drinking water for the same purpose). Crystal & Gem Therapists learn the specific properties and uses of each mineral, so that they can apply them individually and in combination in the most effective way to restore good health to mind and body.

What happens in a crystal healing session?

You will find this a very relaxing and gentle treatment. While you rest, fully dressed, on a couch, your therapist will place crystals on and around you. Treatment lasts around one hour, although for deeper work longer sessions are sometimes arranged. You may notice sensations of hot, cold, tingling and you may experience changes in levels of comfort/discomfort; these are all signs of energy moving and re-balancing in your system. You may also find that thoughts and emotions come up, sometimes very powerfully, related to your issues, or symbolic, such as seeing colours or dream-like images. Re-balancing and your mental processing may continue for several days after a treatment.

How can crystal healing help me?

Crystal healing works on an energy level and therefore affects all levels of your system: mental, emotional, spiritual and physical. In other words, crystal healing can potentially help heal any condition of body or mind. Treatments are very relaxing and everyone benefits from this balancing and de-stressing effect, which helps your body's own healing processes and clears your mind to think and make the changes you need in your life.

About the author:

Susanna Bellini runs Crystal Healing workshops and practitioner training courses in York. A Crystal Healer since 1995, she also specialises in timeline work, shamanic journeying and soul retrieval.

Website: http://www.bronze-dragon.com/crystal_healing.shtml

Author: Susanna Bellini
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