Mongolian Milk Massage

For therapists used to giving a deep invigorating Swedish type massage, Mongolian Milk Massage makes a welcome change. The treatment is slow and meditative, and as relaxing to give as it is to receive. There are several distinct stages to the treatment. Each one subjects your client to a totally different sensation.

Firstly, acupressure is applied down the client's spine to open energy lines. The second stage consists of an ancient dry rolling technique, which was often applied by Mongolian warriors to remove fear from their bodies before they rode into battle. Following this, hot milk is applied to the skin using a compress. The warmth soothes aching muscles while the milk softens and smoothes the skin. There are two reasons to why hot milk is used in Mongolia as a massage medium. Firstly as an Ayurvedic treatment to balance the three energies of the body and secondly, as a beauty ritual to prepare brides for marriage or after childbirth. Then a dry powder is applied to the skin using a rapid zig-zag movement. This has a slightly exfoliating effect, which further conditions the skin and also helps balance the body energies. The whole treatment finishes with a relaxing oil massage to 'seal' the energy and further relax the client.

The whole treatment leaves the skin feeling smooth, conditioned and nourished. The treatment is not messy, no special equipment is needed, nor does your client smell of milk afterwards.

Cheshire Massage Academy is now running a one day course so take a look at the course details and be one of the first therapists to offer Mongolian Milk Massage in the UK.

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Cheshire Massage Academy is a private holistic college based in Cheshire. Our passion is to offer practioners new therapies to the UK, so we always have unsual courses on offer.


Author: Georgeene Eastwood
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