Nostradamus foresees the role of QiGong

The humankind for a long has lived through a dreadful anxiety and horror, in its pursuit to explain Nostradamus' quatrain about July, 1999 [X - 72].

At last, this date has passed, the new millennium has come and the people have drew a sigh of relief. For a short. The events from the last autumn on again set up the humankind on alert...

Whether Nostradamus wanted to frighten the people with his prophecies? Or, he just wanted to have a joke? Or, as some interpret, he has made a mistake in the calculations, and the 'end of world' has been postponed? Neither the one, nor the other, nor the third. The great scientist had a profound understanding on the objective laws of Universe and their impact on people. With a unprejudiced exposition and love to humanity, he has strived to forewarn it, to awaken it, so that the people do all what is in the frames of their abilities to avoid the disasters. Because, the movements in Universe follow their objective laws and cyclic recurrence, and the Earth (including everything on her) is subordinate to their influence: every part and every detail naturally comply to the general movement of the Cosmic whole!

For Nostradamus, the year of 1999 represents a partitioning line, in which the principles of the old and the new epoch collide. He knows that the change of one big cycle with another, what are, for example, two millenniums, is made uneasily. The cataclysms in Nature and society continue before and after the boundary of two cycles, until a new equilibrium is achieved. That is why, after the beginning of the new millennium, there occur many unhealthy phenomena.

Our present day still has not drift far from the restless transition period toward the New epoch. The people should be wakeful: they should search for the true path toward their own liberation from the circle of negative influences, so that to make their life better and continue the advancement of humanity. The heaven does not exterminate the humans, neither it takes up with their salvation, but instead grants them the opportunity to attain their freedom and advancement on their own. Nostradamus has clearly understood this truth.

Thus, along with the objective analysis on the cyclic changes in Universe and their reflection on humankind, he has also looked for the reverse tendency, which can give a hope to the people. Because, within Yin there is also Yang, therefore, such a tendency always exists in reality in Nature.

When Nostradamus recounts to Katherine de Medici, the then queen of France, about the future hardships of humanity, the queen asks him whether he knows a way that will help the people to evade the terrible events - whether aliens, or a new race, or something else, some kind of thing, for example, would not help them? Or, the dreadful calamities inevitably must happen? Nostradamus replies to her that there is only one way to avoid the misfortunes, but this does not pertain to the assumptions listed by her: neither aliens, nor any kind of thing could rescue the humankind. The terrible events might not happen only if in the future, near before the time of the great tumult, there occur a new phenomenon. What is it, he cannot clearly name it, but he feels that only if this phenomenon manifest itself in advance, the humanity for sure would change its previous way of living, avoid its self-destruction, revive and start to build a completely different human world.

Although he fails to give it a name, Nostradamus has felt this phenomenon as really existing in Nature, he has sensed that it flows both in Universe and throughout the human world. Moreover, in several quatrains he precisely describes the characteristics of this phenomenon, which, according to him, will save the world.

Now we live in the time, which Nostradamus had in mind. Let's think about: what did before the end of last century manifest itself as a new phenomenon in society, which actually possesses the power and the potentiality to completely transform the humans, their health, understandings and behavior. The unknown phenomenon, according to Nostradamus, should had happened before 1999.

During the 50s, in the middle of 20th century, there really occurred one phenomenon of this type: qigong, an ancient teaching on the objective connections between Man and Universe, which also comprises practices for physical and spiritual development of the people, overcame the limits of the separate schools. In the end of the 70s and the beginning of the 80s, qigong started to spread quickly and extensively throughout all over the Earth. For less than 10 years, the interest toward qigong around the world increased to such an extend that it indeed became a large-scale phenomenon and now, according to the statistics, the people practicing qigong are more than those practicing all types of sport, martial arts and other methods brought together.

Why namely qigong is the phenomenon, about which Nostradamus speaks during his meeting with Katherine de Medici? Because qigong is a natural product and is not made up by the humans. It contains objective knowledge and natural techniques for increasing qi. And, qi (the vital energy), which is accumulated and cultivated in the human body through qigong, represents the power capable to regulate and balance the human being, to help his attain healthy body and mind, expand his knowledge on the objective world, modify his behavior, change his fate and equibalance his connections with Nature. Qi - the energy - by and large exists objectively not only within the human, but also in environment. It is everywhere in the great cosmic space, a fundamental constructive unit for all things and occurrences. Qi has the most omnipresent nature. All things in Universe are connected through it in a invisible net. That is why, it is an expression of the greatest whole and unity in Nature. Not a living being could exist without it. The physical and spiritual health of man is based on, regulated and developed thanks to qi. The harmony in Universe also is maintained and relies on this fine substance.

And, because qigong views these subjects scientifically, from the point of the objective truth, without doubt, it is the very phenomenon, which Nostradamus refers to. Not accidentally, many of the qigong practitioners after a time confide that the positive changes in their personality are so significant that, as if they have become other people, as if they live a new live.

Among the quatrains of the great scientist, there are at least three, in which are described specific issues, related to the training and nature of this teaching:

[III-2] Le diuin verbe pourra ` la substance, Comprins ciel, terre, or occult au fait mystique Corps, ame, esprit ayant toute puissance, Tant soubs ses pieds comme au siege Celique.

The divine word will give to the sustenance Including heaven, earth, gold hidden in the mystic milk: Body, soul, spirit having all power As much under its feet as the Heavenly see.

The gold of the knowledge about qi has been hidden till now in mystic attires. Yet, only thanks to qi, 'body, soul and spirit' could be genuinely powerful. There comes a time, when the people learn about the objective truth about the substance - the invisible, but material energy, intrinsic to all things, to the humans and the whole Universe, in order to overcome their problems. Indeed, only qi - the most profound original substance, of which are construct all things in Nature, has the power to transform their quality, and thus, the direction of their development.

[IV-25] Corps sublimes sans fin ` l'il visibles, Obnubiler viendra par ses raisons, Corps, front comprins, sens, chef & inuisibles, Diminuant les sacrees oraisons.

Lofty bodies endlessly visible to the eye, Through these reasons they will come to obscure; Body, forehead included, sense and head invisible, Diminishing the sacred prayers.

In the process of qi cultivation, the fine matter of energy becomes visible for the human eyes. The obscurity in the understanding is due to one's insufficient knowledge on the natural truths. When one practices qigong, however, in the state of profound meditation one stops to feel the body, mind and the senses ('forehead included'), which as if become intangible, while the consciousness at the same time attains extraordinary clarity and unison with Universe. Then, one realizes that one should not rely only on prayers and like the children always to beg for something from his Father, but one should also rely on his own work and endeavors in order to achieve his health and enlightenment.

[V-96] Sur le milieu du grand monde la rose, Pour nouueaux faits sang public espandu, A dire vray on aura bouche close, Lors au besoin viendra tard l'attendu.

The rose upon the middle of the great world, For new deeds public shedding of blood: To speak the truth, one will have a closed mouth, Then at the time of need the awaited one will come late.

There should not always understand the words in their direct literal meaning. Here, the word is not about shedding of blood. The new deeds, which are able to transform the people and the Path of humanity, demand to 'give blood', i.e. to exert great endeavors. Efforts and work are required.

In order to change one's life and behavior, one first will have to realize this necessity and change his way of thinking. To understand the Truth of life, to understand the Human and the natural Way toward the further evolution, and the interconnections between humanity and the Cosmos. However, in order to cognize the Truth and then to 'speak' correctly for it, one first will have to master and utilize the right method for its achievement: to relax 'with a closed mouth' and eyes, so that to let one's inner matter restore qi (energy), which will help him to attain health, mental harmony and enlightenment. In other words, one has to practice meditation. Yet, namely this quiet exercise is the most important in the system of qigong.

Nostradamus points out that the knowledge on this method ('the rose') will come (it will blossom) from 'the middle of the great world', i.e. from the Middle Country, what in translation from Chinese means the name of China.

In other places he again repeats: the knowledge would be brought 'from Tataria', as by that time in Europe often have called China, and what all of Nostradamus interpreters have noticed.

Thus, in his quatrains Nostradamus shows us that only qi (the energy) is that huge invisible power in Universe, on Earth and in the human nature, which transforms the people, their values and fate. Only through its increase and cultivation within the human beings, it becomes possible in a natural way to balance and regulate the interconnections between the peoples, so that they be able to limit and even evade the 'terrible disasters'. And only qi is in a position to change the humanity's path toward light and peace, in a harmony with Nature.

Article written by Wang Jianjun, Hanlin Academy.

February 2nd, 2002, Sofia

PS: D-r Wang Jianjun is a prominent qigong scientist, president of Hanlin Academy. Member of the Chinese Scientific Institute for Human Research, the Chinese Qigong Scientific Research Association, the Chinese Medicine Association of China and member of the Governing Board of Ecoforum for Peace World Movement to the United Nations. He is author of several books, including on 'Natural Qigong' ('Wuwei Qigong') and numerous scientific articles. Many times before July, 1999, d-r Wang Jianjun repeatedly explained in his lectures that 'the end of world' will not come and that the meaning, put by Nostradamus in this phrase is another: an end of the old time and a beginning of the new; however the transition period between them is not easily accomplished and it is accompanied by many phenomena of struggle between the positive and negative trends in Nature and society.

Author: Wang Jianjun
Copyright © 2023 Wang Jianjun. All rights reserved

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