Reiki is a Japanese word and means healing

Reiki is an ancient form of energy healing. There are other types of energy healing too - many of them extremely effective - Reiki happens to have become very well known.

What is energy healing (Reiki) and what does a healer (Reiki practitioner) do?

The Reiki practitioner has the ability to transfer energy to you, the recipient, via their hands. This energy is Universal Energy. Universal Energy is what everything is made from - everything in existence - solid, liquid, gas, visible, invisible. It comes in many forms. The form the Reiki practitioner uses is a very fine form, which heals us at all levels - spiritual, emotional, mental and physical. It is the basic building block of the universe and, therefore, us, and can 'repair' us.

We are all able to access this Universal Energy ourselves, but we forget or loose the ability to do so very easily. So, the Reiki practitioner acts as a set of jump leads and transfers Universal Energy to you. You, the recipient, then utilise this energy in whatever way is best for you, whether you do that consciously or unconsciously. Somewhere inside you, you always know what is best for you - and so, the Universal Healing Energy will go to that part of you. The Reiki practitioner does not (or should not) direct the energy any more specifically than that. He/she should not, for instance, ask for a cure for cancer for you. But should simply offer up the healing energy for your greatest good. In this way, the choice to heal or not, to feel better or not, to release problems or not, is left up to the recipient.

We are each of us responsible for the pace and kind of healing we want to do. We are each of us responsible for ourselves.

The Reiki practitioner is in the fortunate position of receiving healing themselves every time they give Reiki. The energy travels through the practitioner's body before reaching the recipient. Thus Reiki is a joy to give as well as receive. Universal Healing Energy is gentle and kind. It is never invasive or intrusive. If ever Reiki is experienced to be this way - it is more about the practitioner's personality than the healing energy.

You would usually be asked to lie down on a couch to receive Reiki, though you can sit on a chair, and the Reiki practitioner will gradually work over your whole body, either gently laying hands on you, or if you prefer, working just off your body. It is not necessary for you to disrobe, except for outdoor coat and shoes and maybe jewellery. A blanket would normally cover you.

A session generally lasts for about one hour. Most recipients find the experience deeply relaxing. You may feel heat or cold coming from the practitioner's hands, or tingling or buzzing. People's experiences differ according to their sensitivity to the energy and sensitivity usually increases with regular sessions. The effect of the session can last 1 -2 days afterwards. It is always useful to be able to speak to your practitioner a few days after treatment if you need to, and most professional practitioners make themselves available for this.

The long term aim of Reiki

Hopefully once you start receiving Reiki you will start feeling more positive and energised and will be able to address your presenting problems. Eventually it would be good for you if you could heal yourself, without having to go to a practitioner so frequently. In other words learn to access Universal Healing Energy yourself, or 'remember' what you have forgotten or lost the ability to do, as mentioned earlier.

This is the point of doing Reiki I. Reiki I is the first attunement, in a series of three, that aligns you with Reiki healing energy. This enables you to give Reiki healing to yourself and friends and family. An attunement is an ancient ceremony that aligns your body with Universal Healing Energy so that your body can carry it and transmit it to others.

If you then decide that you wish to become a professional healer, Reiki II enables you to become a practitioner and Reiki Master gives you a further advanced attunement. You can also learn how to teach others Reiki if you wish and become a Reiki Master Teacher.

I have been a Reiki Master Teacher for three years now, and a practising Spiritual Healer for seven years and working with energy for many more years than that! I have to say that healing has changed my life in very profound ways and has enabled me to grow in maturity; in tolerance and understanding for others and acceptance of myself. My healing journey is a joy for me and it is a privilege and a pleasure to have been, and continue to be, involved in the healing journeys of others.

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