Embrace your demons

Wherever there is light there will be darkness, above/below, yin/yang etc. From that principle we must also be aware that although 'good' is aspired to and focused upon and reinforced via our social and cultural environment, there must also be recognition or acknowledgement of 'bad'. There are many terms for good and bad with varying degrees of interpretation and of course we do not live in a world where things are so simply defined. But we are human after all and cannot be expected to be angelic and divine when we have rights to uphold, boundaries to protect and personal goals to reach. So what can be expected of us? I would say that you just need to be true to 'yourself' and if that means upsetting a few people then so be it. Because by not being yourself you are in the long run going to upset a lot more than a few. If this sounds like a case of damage limitation then perhaps it is. How many people stay in harmful and destructive relationships because they cannot see the 'bad' side of it or choose not to face it? How many people carry on in the same job hating every minute instead of choosing to look for something different? How many people ignore warning signs that they need to look after their health only to end up in hospital with something life threatening? We all do it, because we are human. And being human means we encounter good and bad, we have choices and we are subject to endless chaotic change.

So what has this got to do with embracing your demons? I heard a Buddhist teacher use this Tibetan phrase and it keeps popping into my head. Ask yourself, what are your demons? One of mine is self-doubt and trusting others opinions of me over what I truly know of myself. Another is chocolate! Another is procrastination. These are all parts of who I am and in recognising them and embracing them they no longer have a hold on me like the demon they first appeared to be. This doesn't mean negating you of all responsibility, far from it. Embracing your demons means acceptance of the whole lot Â? the good, the bad and the ugly. So pick a demon today and give it a hug!

About the author:

Polly Hall runs her own reflexology practice in South West England. She regularly contributes health related articles to the media and has also spoken on radio and TV. She now writes a free e-newsletter available from her website. She trained in Thai Foot Massage, Vertical Reflex Therapy and Metamorphic Technique. She has a passion for energetic healing and incorporates this into her treatments. A qualified teacher, Polly also delivers reflexology courses in the UK and overseas. She holds workshops on Foot Reading and other related subjects.

Website: http://www.pollyhall.co.uk

Author: Polly Hall
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