What is Past Life Regression Future Life Progression and Dream Therapy?

Past Life Regression:

I was taught by the legendary Susan Arrowsmith Â? who is a leading authority in both Hypnotherapy and Psychic training. I have been listed by Jenny Smedley - a leading authority on Past Life regression and author of many books. I say this to lay out my credentials to be writing this article.

Past Life regression is either a regression back to a previous existence or something in the DNA that comes out in the present life condition or is the processing of psychic "stuff". There are many and more theories about what it is.

What happens, when I do a regression at least, is that under deep hypnosis a client is prepared and given a safe mental place to return to if it all gets too much. They will signal me by raising a finger and I can talk them back. I take them down a corridor which has closed doors which relate to this life. At the end of a corridor there is a gate which they can only go through when I have established that their subconcious mind is ready and happy to go. I then regress them back and ask them where they are who they are and what is happening. I then film the narrative using a camcorder and ask many questions. If they seem particularly on the ball I will attempt to get specifics like addresses and names for follow up. When it seems as if they are tired and have no more to say then I bring them back.

I believe in only using only safe methods. The whole area of Past Life Regression is a controversial one. Some therapists believe in the client living through past traumas and the death experience which they see as being therapeutic. Personally I don't as I would contend that it can implant trauma that wasn't there before - similar to PTSD. I think that if a client is about to have their throat cut in that time then you should get them out of there and bypass the death experience.

If however any issues are raised by the Regression then I believe that Present Life Regression is a more suitable technique for therapy in this life and healing the Inner Child. Whether the client is effected by past life trauma or not I believe it should be related to their lifetime now. For instance a client of mine was a lsot little girl in the early 20th Century and had run away from the Man in her house who was now living with her Mother. The child was clearly traumatised and I moved her back to another time when the Man wasn't there and discovered much about location and time. Her Mother later confirmed that she knew the landscape and the situation. The client was able to deal with issues that had been affecting her relationship with her child and her Mother through presnt life regression.

A regression is often seen as a life - enhancing experience and while no-one cannot guarantee a great experience my own Past Life Regression was extraordinary - I was apparently a bookseller living in Georgian times in Bath. I have a DVD copy of the regression and it is gripping stuff! I would hate people to never experience PLR!! Sometimes it is just entertaining - sometimes it throws up issues - karmic or otherwise that can then be addressed. Either way people often feel that they can then move on with their lives having had many years of feeling a vague sense of deja vue or a sense that their presnt life is affected by something in their past.

As to whether people actually regress I have no way of knowing but many people are convinced that they have and the resulting DVDs are ofthen spooky. The interesting thing for me is that they never seem to regress to anywhere that they think that they will - in many cases I have seen people go into some life that has absolutely NO connection with theirs and they have described places and people that they have never visited and with whom they have no connection.

Future Life Progression :

The theory is that if Time goes backwards it also goes forwards and therefore one can - as a Psychic does - enter into Future states of being. FLR is extremely popular in the USA and I have witnessed some very interesting Progressions as people apparently move into other life states! Apparently for some the future is white and bleak but others have quite rich experiences and sometimes throw up issues which relate to their life now.

Dream Therapy:

This is a technique which allows the client to experience again recurrent or important dreams and utilises the subconscious mind to interpret it to the conscious mind and therefore tell the therapist - thus enabling anything troubling to be addressed or simply making the puzzling clear to the client.

For instance I had one client who had a life long dream: it was as if she was behind a membrane and was unable to move very much. The interpretation was that she was born prematurely - as proved to be the case - and this had implanted some trauma which was then able to be resolved.

Another way of using this technique is to put people in touch with their "inner genius" in order to find the answer to questions bothering the client.

All of these visualisation techniques produce very powerful results and many people have spoken to me of how life enhancing they found them to be. I recommend that people seeking out any of these however be absolutely sure that they are seeing a peoperly qualified and reguated Hypnotherapist and avoid someone who might implant trauma. There are many sites like the GHR, for instance, who maintain lists of registered and regulated Hypnotherapists with full Professional Insurance. See: www.general-hypnotherapy-register.com/ for details. There are many other Professional bodies too which googling will soon find for you.

About the author:

I am an experienced Hypnotherapist who also uses NLP (like Paul McKenna) to help people to make change for the better. As a PLR and FLR person I am listed by leading authority in the UK Jenny Smedley and was trained by Susan Arrowsmith a leading PLR Hypnotherapist. I ahve also been an Actor and Teacher for over 30 years and bring those skills to my practice.

Website: http://www.edgehypno.com

Author: Graham Howes
Copyright © 2023 Graham Howes. All rights reserved

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