Hurry up!!! Rush! Rush! Did you see? Do you know? There's no time! "I'm late I'm late for a very important date"! God I feel exhausted just writing it let alone living it! Modern life equals Modern stress, is there any way-out of here!

Well, the answer lies in understanding how to handle stress because it cannot be avoided.

The stress response is a natural and healthy response to perceived threats, be they physical or psychological in nature. Unrelieved and unnecessary stress is a catastrophe! Doctors surgeries are full of patients whose primary cause of ill health is stress related. Companies are losing billions owing to absenteeism, families and relationships are under threat and our personal wellbeing is being eroded, all because we fail to recognise our stress and manage it. We are often faced with life situations that quite naturally produce stress. To name just a few of things that brings stress in modern life.

  1. Emotional loss and bereavement
  2. Financial difficulties
  3. Bullies
  4. Threat form illness, disability or emotional disturbance

The only control we have over the stressful life situations we find ourselves in is our response and attitude to them, which will lead us to the actions necessary to master our lives.

To develop the right attitudes we need to recognise the signs of stress and then have a method of dealing with it.

We need to harness our energy in the management of stress so that it can become the friend to our creativity and not the enemy of our health. We need to ensure that we have some means of quieting our busy mind (something that all the great minds of history have done from Leonardo to Einstein and lesser intellects in-between). It's a personal choice whether that "quite mind" is achieved through, meditation, music and art, sport, self-hypnosis or any other method that allows you to go inside your own mind and discover your own "secret garden". We all need to have the means to take some "down time" as little as twenty minutes a day is enough to restore the mind to clarity.

  1. We need to get some form of exercise to burn off those stress hormones. A brisk daily walk can be enough to burn off the chemical build up that stress produces. Or, you may choose a more reflective pursuit, such as yoga or martial arts that engages both mind and body.
  2. We need to be aware of what kind of fuel we're running on. Are we putting leaded fuel in our unleaded engines, so to speak, or are we investing in better quality fuel. Less junk and more of the good things. Are we smoking and are we drinking too much; all things that in reality add to our levels of stress.
  3. As human beings we need to see our lives in context of something larger than ourselves, be it religious, spiritual, philosophical or political. Something that gives a larger meaning to life.

The challenge of stress is the challenge of life. We have a choice. We can be overwhelmed by it or learn to harness it. We need to learn how to use its energy productively in our lives.

About the author:

Matthew A. Ferguson SQHP (Clinical hypnotherapist, Master Trainer of NLP, Stress Consultant and Motivation Coach) Â? author of The Motivation Method to Stress Management with Positive Motivation. Matthew runs a training school based in Scotland teaching Hypnotherapy, NLP and Coaching


Author: Matthew Ferguson
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