Geopathic stress and EMF, a much underestimated danger to your general health

Geopathic stress, (Harmful radiation emanating from the earth's mantle), which is present in 80% of all marriage brake ups and EMF, electro magnetic field emissions from mobiles and other electronic devices are a vastly underestimated danger to your well being and affect your general fortunes too.

When I first came across the dangers of geopathic stress nearly 20 years ago I could not understand why I suddenly developed health problems when I moved into my ex-husband's house. I found out that his previous wife had developed health problems and was sleeping in the same part of the house where I was sleeping now. .My alarm bells started ringing and I did further research. Going back some 30 years. It turned out that the couple who lived in the house before my husband had health problems and their marriage broke up too. My ex husband's first marriage broke up, and as you have guessed, my marriage to him broke up too.

Since I have worked in the field of energy psychology I have come across overwhelming evidence that geopathic stress and EMF are a major factor that affects our lives in general. In my research I also found evidence that geopathic stress and electro magnetic field emissions have a direct effect on our finances too.

Some facts:

Geopathic stress activity is caused by subterranean water and underground cavities. It is on the increase due to extensive building work, underground cabling, and increased sun spot activity.

Geopathic Stress and EMF appear to be directly linked. In my extensive studies I found that the installation of telecommunication mast has an impact on geopathic stress and will increase it in most cases. It can even create geopathic stress where there was none before or where the levels where very low.

Nutrition is not fully absorbed when you are exposed to a geopathic stress area. Medications also lose their power. In tests I have shown that homeopathic remedies re-gain the full power once they are moved out of the geopathic stressed area.

Geopathic stress and EMF interferes with the normal brain frequencies. Long exposure leads to anxiety, feeling stressed and tired initially and ultimately can contribute to serious health problems.

The efficiency of energy therapy is also affected by the presence of geopathic stress. For example EFT, emotional freedom technique, NLP and many other healing modalities often lose their effect once the client enters a severely geopathically stressed place. The client goes into psychological reversal and all the good work of the therapist unravels, often neither client nor therapist are aware of the real reason.

Training clients to recognise geopathic stress is an important part of successful intervention. Fortunately geopathic stress can be cleared or neutralised with a number of devices and techniques, which are beyond the scope of this article. In order to get lasting results you should consider installing one of the many neutralisers available on the market. Neutralising geopathic stress and EMF is a first step before doing any other therapy or intervention. Once cleared any other technique will produce much faster results.

About the author:

Mercedes Oestermann van Essen is an experienced energy therapist, reiki master and EFT practitioner. She has researched the harmful effects of geopathic stress and EMF for over 15 tears and developed techniques to neutralise the harmful energies and increase your manifestation powers. Mercedes Oestermann van Essen has written a number of books revealing her techniques and holds regular workshops in Northamptonshire.


Author: Mercedes Oestermann van Essen
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