The Use of Creative Visualisation in Meditation

What is meditation?

According to the definition in the dictionary it is "the act of thinking about something deeply", To meditate is to reflect on, to contemplate, to go within, to ponder, usually relating to spiritual matters hence all the religious connotations that have been built up around it or have become associated with it over the years.

However this is not the case, whichever way it is thought of, meditation is a tool to be used by everyone whenever and wherever we chose, that not only allows us to relax and find an inner peace, calming both mind and body but it also enables us to go within giving us guidance in our daily lives which allows us to find the answers in life that we seek.

There are a wide variety of ways in which we can meditate, having practised various meditation techniques for over 18 years the best way that I have found is to use creative visualisation.

Visualisation is what we do all the time when we think about something, whether it be a past experience or a newly created thought, a mental picture of the thought comes into your mind automatically allowing you to relate to the experience of what you are thinking about.

Creative visualisation is when you specifically create a thought that you haven’t physically experienced to allow you to visualise an image, and with distance and time being no objects with creative visualisation you can go or be anywhere that you care to imagine.

For instance if I said "you are standing on a beach" each and every one of us would relate to a beach scene even if we have never physically stood on one.

Then if I said "see and feel the pure white sand under your feet" those people who have stood on a white sandy beach would remember what that experience was like by recreating that image within their minds regardless of when or where it was, those who haven’t would create the visualisation of standing on a white sandy beach within their own minds creating within their own thoughts how this would feel for them. Both groups of people would therefore travel to a white sandy beach in their visualisations, whether they were remembering an experience or creatively visualising an experience both groups have an image within their own minds that is totally unique to them which enables them to be transported to this white sandy beach.

If I continued with "smell the salt in the air" then their other senses would start to come alive within their visualisation, they would either remember what the fresh sea air smelt like or they would create the visualisation of what it smells like, either way they could smell the fresh sea air.

If I then continued with " see and hear the clear blue waves gently breaking on the shore" Again for those who have experienced an image like this at sometime in their lives they would recall what the experience was like for them, those who haven’t experienced an image like this in their own lives would creatively visualise what they themselves felt it would look like, either from images that they have seen or from a shared experience they have heard about, allowing this image however created to be joined to the white sandy beach.

Now if I continued with "feel the warmth of the sun on your skin on this beautiful blue sky day" Both groups would then feel the warmth of the sun on their skin, as everyone at some stage of their lives has experienced the sun's warmth on a blue sky day this image would bring the visualisation much more alive by drawing this image from memory, personalising it to each and every person.

Now whether it was remembered from past experiences or created by visualisation both groups could now see themselves standing on a white sandy beach with clear blue waves gently rolling ashore filling the air with salt in the warmth of the sun on this beautiful blue sky day, which is a very good start to relaxing the mind and body. This same creative visualisation process can be used with colour, visualise yourself bathed in warmer shades to increase heat levels within your body, using cooler shades to reduce the body temperature. For example if you visualised yourself wrapped in the glow of a deep red light you would physically feel warmer, if you saw yourself standing in a pale blue painted room you would physically feel cooler.

These are just a few simple ways in which we can use creative visualisation within our daily lives to relax or change our personal environment. Each time we meditate whether as part of a group or by ourselves we can personalise the experience by not only drawing on the past images and recalled senses from our memories but we can create any visualisation scenario that we can imagine in any colour of the rainbow that we choose and experience how it feels.

With my Guided Meditation CD "City of Light" I enable you to do just that. Not only are you able to recall all of your past experiences but also gain insight into your true self's nature.

This for most people is not only an emotional experience but also a spiritually fulfilling journey to find the answers that we all seek.

Soon you will understand how meditation can be so much more that the simple act of contemplation and begin to use it to its full potential as one of the best tools for self and spiritual development available.

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Author: Jason Light
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