Emotional Healing

There is a thought, the thought repeats itself, the thought becomes a belief, the belief becomes an emotion. The emotion becomes a behaviour.


Why do you behave the way you do?

Why do you react to things the way you do?

Why do you think the way you do?

How do these thoughts, reactions and behaviour affect your emotional and physical health?


Jill Miller is a medical intuitive, who with the tools of Theta Healing communicates with the bodies of her clients to discover what thoughts, beliefs and emotions are really held in the body. By accessing the subconscious mind it is possible to change the negative into the positive to create a body where energy can flow freely.


There is a fairly new science called psychoneuroimmunology. What this science does is to study and confirm that there is a link between our thoughts and emotions and the health of the physical body.


In modern medicine in the Western world the body is treated like a machine. It is fuelled, watered and exercised. When it goes wrong it is repaired with surgery, radiation or drugs. And each of these solutions have saved millions of lives and each has its wonderful place in the recovery from illness for many.


However it is estimated that up to 70% of visits to doctors are for stress related conditions. Modern medicine does not have a cure for stress.


If someone says to you Â?You donÂ?t look wellÂ? the thought is created in your mind that perhaps, you are not well. When the 3rd person says to you Â?You donÂ?t look wellÂ? then this thought has become a belief Â?I am not wellÂ?. Once you have the belief Â?I am not wellÂ? then the physical body reacts and you then do not feel well even although a short time earlier you felt good. Your body reacts to what your mind believes.


In the 1970s Louise Hay pioneered the link between what the mind believes and what happens in the physical body. More recently Candice Pert has researched and established the existence of what are called neuropeptides. Neuropeptides are chemical messengers in the body that transmit information from the mind to the body through the body fluids. The neuropeptides provide the link between what is happening in the brain on the mental side to what is happening in the hormones and immune system on the physical side. In other words, each part of the body is in fact listening and responding to every thought and feeling you have and this is now scientifically proven.


Candice Pert says Â?We can no longer think of the emotions as having less validity than physical material substance but instead see them as cellular signals that are involved in the process of translating information into physical reality, literally transforming mind into matterÂ?. 


The energy behind what you think and feel does not disappear just because you choose to ignore it or to repress it. When you cannot freely express the emotions that arise in you then these emotions become buried in the physical body. At first one thought not expressed is minor. But over a period of time the thoughts and emotions not expressed are held until the body can no longer hold on to them. These emotions then become expressed in perhaps outburst of anger, rage or fear. When the emotions cannot be expressed outwardly then they will be expressed in other ways by creating an imbalance or illness in the physical body usually in the area in the body which is weakest. This may be the digestive system, the immune system, sleep patterns or a part of the body which reflects the emotions being repressed.


When you encounter stress in your life it is not always possible to express it. Imagine you are traveling home from work on a busy train. You have to stand and are pushed about by those around you. This starts to cause you agitation. But much as you would like to, you cannot express it. It is just not generally accepted behaviour to have a tantrum on the train. So how are these chemicals surging through your body going to express themselves?


When you are unable to express your feelings of stress then they will manifest in the body as headaches, high blood pressure, heart palpitations, muscle tension, heavy breathing, sleep disorders, loss of appetite, nausea, ulcers, irritable bowel syndrome, backache, rashes, acne etc. It can also reduce the effectiveness of the immune system so you become more likely to catch colds and infections. There may also be psychological changes such as depression, anger, mood changes and anxieties. Behavioural changes may include outbreaks of tears, sloppiness, fidgeting, or overindulgence in smoking, drinking or eating. All of these problems can lead to more serious illnesses.


If you are able to react to stressful situations in a positive manner perhaps seeing each situation as an opportunity to be creative or an opportunity to be empowered then you will not have a negative reaction to stress. If however you feel that you are unable to cope then this is likely to result in the variety of stressful symptoms.


Your coping mechanisms and your reactions to stressful situations will depend on your conditioning Â? the thoughts, beliefs, feelings and emotions that you hold in the body. In any stressful situation your body will react in a familiar pattern. These patterns are usually formed early in life from thoughts and beliefs. Most of your beliefs were acquired before the age of 4. Up to 90% of the beliefs that are held in the subconscious mind you are not consciously aware of. Some of the beliefs and feelings you have in the body even come from your ancestors or from past life memories. Your body reflects what is going on in your subconscious mind.


It is difficult to believe that whatever ailment, disease or illness you have is one that you have created because of your subconscious thoughts, beliefs and feelings. It is much easier to believe that it was some external situation or condition that allowed this to happen.


How can I know what is held in my body? 

You can observe your own body and see where and what is held in different parts of your body. Think back to the last time you were stressed or hurt. Where in the physical body did you hold on to it. Was it in the stomach, the intestines, the back, the neck? Meditation is one pathway to recognizing and releasing emotions from the past. For information on meditation classes http://www.pathwayoflight.net/meditation.htm


Another way is to seek help from a Theta Healer. Theta Healing is a system in which the practitioner is able to identify through scanning, questioning and muscle testing just what unhelpful beliefs are held in the unconscious mind. Once the negative beliefs are identified it is possible to instantly change the beliefs into positive ones. With a new package of subconscious beliefs it is possible for the body to feel instantly different and heal.


Jill Miller has been working with Theta Healing since 2006 and has discovered that many of the limiting beliefs clients have are old genetic or past life beliefs. Without Theta Healing it is hard to know how these clients would have been able to get to the bottom of their illness. To have beliefs such as Â?I want to kill myselfÂ? or Â?I need to sufferÂ? are common. Once such beliefs are removed and replaced with positive ones then healing is possible.


How do emotions manifest in the body? 

Whatever emotion you are repressing will be reflected in the part of the body where the imbalance is. Take for example asthma. According to Deb Shapiro in Â?Your Body Speaks Your MindÂ?. asthma attacks may be triggered by events relating to a separation e.g. the birth of a sibling, the marriage of a parent or a child or a leaving of home. It is the feeling of breathing independently, the emotions connected to the separation (real or imagined) that may be the trigger. For asthma there is often the inability to express oneself and a feeling of sadness that is held within. Whilst environmental factors are blamed for asthma it can be the emotional weakness that means one person will be susceptible to the illness where others will not with the same exposure to allergens.


How can I create positive emotions and feelings? 

Our bodies have cell receptors that can be open or closed to different feelings. Some people due to childhood experiences have Â?closed downÂ? so that they are unable to feel or know what their feelings are. Others may not have certain receptors open because they have never learned what love feels like, what joy feels like, what it feels like to be happy. With Theta Healing it is possible to teach what it feels like to have these emotions.


Some people have cell receptors open for mainly negative emotions e.g. to know what disappointment feels like, worry, anxiety, guilt or shame. So when the receptor is open for disappointment then this is what someone will continually experience in their life. With Theta Healing it is possible to teach the body how it is possible to live without these negative feelings.


The teaching of these new feelings creates instant healing and gives the body the opportunity to find new behaviour patterns that support healthy living.


Sometimes there is resistance from the body to accept new feelings because of an underlying belief pattern, perhaps of not deserving or being good enough. However it is possible to identify and remove beliefs that do not support on an individual basis.


Jill Miller is a Theta Healing Teacher and is available for personal consultations. 

About the author:

Jill Miller has been working with many different healing energies since 1999. She is a teacher of Theta Healing in the UK, as well as teaching Reiki, Heal Your Life Courses, Meditation and Angel Workshops

Website: http://www.thetamiracles.co.uk/

Author: Jill Miller
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