Intimacy and massage

 How intimate massage can save your relationship

With every relationship there is a need for intimacy and that intimacy is greatly enhanced by touch, in fact without touch, there can be no real intimacy. When two people first meet and become intimate, there is a great deal of touching, physical contact but sometimes as time goes by, that physical contact becomes less and less and when this happens, the relationship is in danger of dying. People who live together without physical contact are really only staying together because of the past, the love and the affection they once had. The key to love and affection which bonds people together has to be intimate touch, for without it the level of communication is but superficial.

Massage is a very important way of creating intimacy, of showing care and showing love and so is something all couples should pay attention too. Massage is a concentrated session of touch, of giving and receiving, of demonstrating your need for and love toward the other person. When you massage another person you are giving to them what they need most and that is nurture and you are showing to them how important they are to you. Nurture is one of our deepest human needs, something we strongly felt from our mother and father and something we all need even as adults.

Intimate massage, as opposed to therapeutic massage is something that can only be done between people who sincerely care for each other and want to be together. If your relationship has lost its sparkle and its intimacy, it is time you took time to find out why before it is too late. Assuming you once loved the other person and they loved you, then there is something to build on and something which can be regenerated; assuming it has not gone past the point of no return.

The important thing to realise however about intimate massage is that it should not be seen as an easy way of having sex because sex does not make a relationship. It is about showing how much you care for them. There are many reasons why a relationship can lose its zest and passion: sometiems it through pressures of family and work; sometimes through sheer selfishness and sometimes because of infidelity. Whatever the reason, if the relationship hasn't broken down entirely then there is hope it can be regenerated.

When you massage another, you are giving to them and it should be done without undue expectation but of course there is no selfless act and it is natural to at least hope for a positive response but genuine love is more about giving than receiving. One massage won't mend an ailing relationship but it will send a very strong signal of your intent.

And it doesn't have to be naked massage. If you feel your relationship is missing the intimacy of touch, I strongly suggest you offer to massage your partner but it should be offered in a way that does not ask for anything in return. Giving without this expectation can reap its own rewards. You don't have to ask your partner to lie down naked to be massaged. It can be done with clothes on and one of the most tender massages you can give is to hands and face. Through our face, we express most of what we feel and the lines thereon will show the strains we have felt. Our hands we use in so many ways and we not only express ourselves through them in gestures but we explore our world physically through them. A genuine handshake can tell so much and a tender touch can likewise. Use your hands to show your partner how much you care for them by giving them a massage. On my website I explain more about giving massage.

Intimate massage can be sensual and if it goes in that direction, all well and good but it doesn't have to be. There is a subtle difference between the two. You can read more about sensual massage on my website to find out more.

There is one other important thing to mention about intimacy. When two people meet and fall for one another, there is often a lot of passion and lust but that doesn't mean there is a also a great deal of intimacy. Intimacy is more about communicating emotionally, rather than sexually. When the heat of passion dies down, there can often be a void of understanding between the couple and troubles can begin to appear. Massage can be a wonderful way to communicate and connect with your partner. It is a time to relax, to play, to explore; it should never be rushed or fitted in between other things. Leave your time open ended and see what happens. You might feel full of energy at the end but on the other hand, you might both feel very tired and in need of sleep. It is common for massage to make people feel tired because that is in fact what they are underneath their hectic lifestyle; massage lets you to rest and let go. Whatever you feel, go with the flow and see how your relationship can flourish when you take time out to give and receive massage.

Building relationships: Massage is a wonderful way of building a relationship. Your partnership doesn't have to be trouble for you to start massaging each other. Finding time to give and receive massage is a fantastic way of cementing your relationship together. It is soothing, relaxing, reassuring and is a wonderful way to say "I love you" without words.

About the author:

I am a qualified massage therapist but what is more, I passionately believe in the transforming power of massage. It is wonderful to give and receive; terrific for sports people and everyone in general. It regenerates, heals, relaxes and restores.


Author: Geof Warren
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