Understanding Vision & Eye Problems

Are you fed up with wearing glasses or contact lenses? Do you have eye health problems?

Discover this advanced approach to resolving your issues naturally - without surgery or laser treatment!

Throughout the world millions of people have eye health issues and wear glasses or contact lenses. But did you know thereÂ?s an emotional connection to all eye health issues, even short-sightedness, long-sightedness and astigmatism?

A transformation in integrative eye health

There is a new system for understanding all health issues, which transcends as well as integrates all existing modern, complementary and alternative health approaches. META-Medicine is an advanced system that explains why we get health issues, from watering eyes, spots and skin rashes to diabetes, heart disease and cancer. META-Medicine shows:


  • How our symptoms are always meaningful

  • How and why an illness or eyesight problem begins

  • How there is no disconnection between our vision and our mind-body-social environment

  • How all dis-eases are actually a process, not a fixed state. This goes for short and long-sightedness too!

Once we understand this information and how it fits into our own lives, we are empowered to heal Â? we can choose the right solutions to help us overcome our health challenges.

How does this new approach work?

The goal of META-Medicine is to find out the cause of the problem, whether itÂ?s a vision issue or any other health challenge, and treat the cause, rather than simply ameliorating the symptoms.

Understanding the meaning behind your symptom

Do you think that illness is the body making a mistake Â? or a highly meaningful response to a specific stimulus? Modern medicine sees symptoms as the bodyÂ?s mistake, and therefore seeks to suppress or counteract them. If we develop short sightedness, we wear corrective lenses. It seems to make sense. Even many complementary and alternative therapies seek solutions (albeit more holistically!), without understanding the cause of the problem first.

META-Medicine demonstratesthat the body never makes mistakes Â? instead, its reactions are always highly meaningful. Our symptoms arise in response to life events, with the goal of overcoming challenges, restoring balance, and ultimately, ensuring survival.

For example, consider the function of tears: they are an expression of emotion. So if we have dry eyes, this is not the body making a mistake. Dry eyes show our inability to grieve, the inability to cry about a shocking, sad event, like losing a beloved one.

Finding the root cause

So what causes eye problems? Common explanations include spending too long in front of a computer screen, using inadequate lighting, or Â? as we heard as children Â? not eating our carrots! We often develop the same eye issues as our parents, which is usually taken as a sign that weÂ?re victims of our genes. Interestingly, itÂ?s more likely that weÂ?ve unintentionally taken on their beliefs and emotional patterns Â? for more information on this, see The Biology of Belief by Dr Bruce Lipton.

META-Medicine goes beyond the current ideas about risk factors. They are only part of the picture Â? they may predispose us to developing certain health issues. What actually begins a dis-ease process is a shock, a significant emotional event: a negative experience that is unexpected, emotional and dramatic. If we donÂ?t know what to do, we respond by freezing rather than immediate fight or flight, and the bodyÂ?s emergency programmes take over.

The emotion felt at the time of shock will determine which organ reacts. Eye problems are caused by different types of visual shocks.

Common examples include:


  • Visual separation: losing sight of somebody Â? different types of separation are related to eczema around the eyes, eyelid problems, conjunctivitis and cataracts

  • Visual self-devaluation - inferiority about not being able to see something leads to eye muscle problems

  • Visual disgust conflict- causes styes

  • Fear of the future, or of seeing a distant danger, and wanting to see it better Â? causes hyperopia, or long sightedness. Many people in their 40s and 50s get long sightedness because they want to see whatÂ?s going to happen in their future

  • Fear of the future or an event in the distance, and wanting to see whatÂ?s close and safe Â? causes myopia, or short sightedness. For example, teenagers who fear impending exams

These are just a few very basic emotional themes - each organ of the eye has a very specific meaning and emotional connection. During a META-Medicine diagnosis, we piece together the meaning of the particular organ with the shocking event that happened to the client, often even uncovering when the shock happened and who it was with!

Once we know the root cause and emotional patterns, we know which approaches to choose to assist our healing holistically Â? rather than simply treating symptoms.

About the author:

How to find out more: Join a special META-Medicine and the Eyes seminar in Birmingham with Dr Kwesi Anan Odum, META-Doctor and one of EuropeÂ?s leading specialists in the bio-psycho-social understanding of eye problems. On the course, you will: discover the emotional cause of your vision or eye problem; understand the connection between your eyesight-emotions-behaviour-environment; and find out what you need to do to heal, including vision training exercises. For details of 2009 courses, visit www.metamedicineuk.com Or contact META-Health Coaches Robert & Joanne on 0845 838 6787 or email info@metamedicineuk.com

Website: http://www.metamedicineuk.com/training/eyes.htm

Author: Joanne Ross
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