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Over the years prospective students, have asked me about the essentials, with regards to the safe practice of crystal and energy healing. So, I thought I'd share some of my thoughts about this with you.

Crystal and Energy Healing are in essence energy therapies, that work with the human subtle anatomy. For simplicity's sake, this refers to the human energy (auric) field and chakra (seven main) system.

For a healing session to be effective, there needs to be a channelling of healing energies towards the client. This energy needs to be vibrationally higher, than the healers own personal energies. In addition, the healing energies should be directed wherever it is needed most within the client's subtle energies, and also with an intent that is for their highest good. As you can imagine, this takes a fair amount of sensitivity on the healers part.

So if you are already a healer or in training, how do you know when you are channeling healing energies. Sounds like a basic question, but of great importance, if you want to be taken seriously. At the same time, there's little point in fooling yourself or others.

Perceiving energy, takes some time to develop. This is why most serious courses are tutor led and consist of a minimum of two-years. For most students learning how to work with subtle energy is not free from its difficulties. In my own experience, students really benefit from the added support of an energetically aware tutor within a group setting. This may help a student healer develop trust and confidence in their own capabilities. It is unlikely that this can be experienced on a weekend or correspondence course.

Over the years a number of students who have attended my courses, have completed short or correspondence courses in crystal healing before hand. All have expressed and displayed uncertainty when it comes to knowing subtle energy and how to work with it. Of course, no one comes to healing knowing everything. But in reality, getting to know how to work with subtle energy, tends to be a slow and progressive process. When studied properly, it requires a great deal of commitment and dedication from both the student and tutor.

Another question that crops up frequently, is how much do healers need to know about the human subtle anatomy. Most people are aware of the terms energy (auric) field and chakras, as they are mentioned extensively, in books and across the internet. Theoretically, this is all very well, but what does it mean with regards to experiencing our own, as well as others subtle energetic (non-physical) nature.

Because the energetic state and functioning of the subtle energy systems translates into how we may experience life on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels, a healer must have a good working awareness of these systems, be able to sense how they relate and what energetic state or condition they are in before working upon them. In crystal healing, this may even be of greater importance, as crystals are incredibly powerful healing tools.

In other words, when a healing is carried out with an in depth knowledge of these systems, coupled with the ability to be able to channel healing energies safely, the outcome should be a positive one. If, however, there is a lack of experience and knowledge, the outcome

can be a negative and in the case of crystal healing, this unwanted outcome may even be amplified. Unfortunately, this is not uncommon, as I have been made aware of a number of cases where this has happened over the years.

So what about crystals? Of course, they are many of them and they posses great beauty. But what does this really mean with regards to their energies and their use in healing.

For crystal healers, the knowledge of a wide variety of crystals from a subtle energetic view point is paramount. Getting to really know a crystal's subtle energy, can be one of the more trying aspects of a practitioners training, as crystals posses very many different vibrations and their affects upon the human subtle anatomy can vary greatly. These energetic differences need to be known by the crystal healer.

Energetic differences may also occur for crystals of the same name. For example take several amethyst crystals that come from different parts of the world. All amethyst crystals have grown to display their own unique inner structure, outer form and shade of purple. All of these factors, including where and how the crystal was mined, will have an effect upon its overall energy and its properties for healing. A crystal healer needs to be able to sense these differences if they are to apply their knowledge correctly. This is something that should evolve naturally.

Unfortunately, classifications that appear in many books and on the internet, tend to generalise when it comes to describing the healing properties of crystals and even go as far as to suggest that particular crystals can treat or cure specific problems and diseases. For many people this can be misleading, as well as unsafe.

In short crystal and energy healing is about being able to assess the subtle energy systems, find out with knowledge and intuition where to work and introduce the appropriate healing tools (including crystals), whilst channeling healing energies. Sounds simple in theory but in practice this takes time. This why if you are interested in training, be patient with the whole process and really get to know subtle energy, because the rewards as a practitioner are great. 

About the author:

Gareth Thomas is a specialist practitioner and tutor in Subtle Energy Medicine (Including Crystal and Energy Healing) and De-Stress Therapy. He has over 15 years experience in this field. He runs his own practice in London and is the founder and principal of his school Energy Medicine International, which teaches accredited courses in subtle energy medicine, crystal & energy healing and de-stress therapy and has a clinic offering these therapies. 
He presently is the Chair of The Federation of Subtle Energy Medicine, an umbrella for subtle energy therapies. Involved in setting and maintaining standards of practice and training in subtle energy medicine, crystal and energy healing and de-stress therapy.
He also works collaboratively to provide more widespread knowledge and tuition in the use of subtle energy skills and inner development in everyday living. 

Author: Gareth Thomas
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