Freeing your body from pain with Clinical Hypnotherapy

Freeing your body from both physical and emotional pain, hypnotherapy has been proved to be extremely effective.  Clinical Hypnotherapy can help you overcome a surprisingly wide range of habits, emotional problems and phobias.   It can also dramatically improve performance for students taking exams, business professionals achieving goals, and creative artists wishing to heighten their abilities.


Over the years hypnosis has gained ground and respectability within the medical profession. Although hypnosis and medicine are not the same, they are now acknowledged as being related, and it is only a matter of time before hypnosis becomes a mainstream practice, as acceptable to the general public as a visit to the dentist.

Being unable to pinpoint your problem is more common than you may think.  Many people know they have issues in their lives causing them distress and pain, but can't figure out exactly what's going on. Through a combination of asking you questions and using deep-relaxation (trance) work designed to uncover the specifics of why you're there, together you can reach a true definition of your problem.Using this technique your therapist can work with the cause of your problem, and not just the symptom. 

During hypnosis your body is relaxed, but your thoughts become very attentive.  You are able to focus at an enhanced level when you're in a hypnotherapy session.  And what you are focusing on is your therapist's suggestions.  This is where the therapy part begins.  If your issue is to avoid sweet, fattening foods, your therapist gives your unconscious mind specific suggestions on how to do this very easily.  If you are coming to hypnosis to stop smoking, your hypnotherapist will give you suggestions to remove your association with smoking.  So that you no longer have any desire to smoke and no longer consider yourself to be a smoker!






Trance or deep-relaxation is a natural state of mind - there's nothing mystical involved!

Clinical Hypnotherapy can help you cope with a wide range of issues, including decreasing stress and anxiety, managing pain (both, physical and emotional), controlling weight, and confidence building and self motivation.  These are just a few areas where hypnotherapy can help you.

In the early part of the 20th Century, hypnosis was used almost exclusively by stage hypnotists, thereby projecting a hopelessly distorted view of this very powerful therapeutic tool. However, in 1955 the British Medical Association endorsed the practice of hypnosis and its inclusion in medical school education, since then it has become a valuable addition to conventional medical treatment.

A Clinical Hypnotherapy session generally lasts about one hour and can cost anything between £40 and £150.  The cost often varies on the issues being worked on, and sometimes the experience of the therapist.

The profession is currently unregulated, although this is due to change within the next couple of years.  There is a number of regulatory bodies set-up to ensure practising therapists have recognised qualifications, adequate insurance cover and agree to abide by their code of ethics.  When choosing a hypnotherapist ask them if they belong to one of these organisations Â? most professional therapists will welcome this question.


Words by Andy Garland,                                                                                                Founder of YOU...bethebestyoucan©                                                                    and Clinical Hypnotherapist                                                           

Author: Andy Garland
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