To Be Healed or Not to be Healed That is the Question

 To Be Healed or Not to be Healed That is the Question


The general way people are now thinking about their health and lifestyles is changing. The growing lack of faith and long waiting lists with "traditional" healing practices is causing people to look for an alternative. Complementary and Holistic healing is becoming more sought after year after year as a form of healing.  It is visible that a majority of doctors, due to ever increasing workloads, seem to distance themselves from any spiritual or natural healing involvement with their patients. I believe that is a shame, as now days a lot of people believe in and use natural healing techniques. People are now recognising the valued importance self-healing & their own good health.But what is good health & how do we attain it? Here at the T.S.L Holistic Centre we believe good health is more than the absence of illness or dis-ease. It is an ongoing natural experience of natural energy, inner acceptance & mental/emotional clarity. Attaining good health for us should involve the whole body, the mind & the soul. However we must remember that conventional medicines do play an important part in our health, after all if I broke my arm I wouldn't, initially, seek out a reiki treatment.All the practitioners at the T.S.L Holistic Centre believe that alternative & complementary therapies such as meditation, reflexology, crystal healing, holistic massage, energy work and including reiki, have that ability to bring about good health within everyone, if they want it to.

Although our beliefs are strong & many praise our work, we also know where the alternative treatment did NOT work, where nothing tried seems to bring relief. Why? You may ask. Well the answer is complex and varied. Many of the answers may involve, people's lifestyle or their own belief system creating a subconscious barrier. Meaning they really don't want to feel better, strange but true.

I believe that your inner belief system may play a part in whether or not healing takes place. If we have serious doubts or fears about the treatment and the possible results, our own subconscious minds may sabotage the effectiveness of the healing process, thus creating a sort of a reverse placebo effect. If you believe it will work it will, if you believe it wont then it probably wont. Please remember though holistic and complementary therapies don't produce miracle cures they help strengthen your inner ability to start healing from within, a natural ability we all posses and always have possessed.

With that in mind, why does it appear that we are not being effective in using our minds & natural ability to heal ourselves all the time? I believe in today society and the way we now live it is harder for us to focus & have the pure belief necessary for this to occur. We are continually stressed as we go through life & often haven't a clue about our psyche & inner healing abilities. Perhaps it is our lifestyle's that prevent our continuous good health. We know that stress restricts us so much in how we live and survive, is 8 hours of sleep enough to replenish our positive energy? Is 8 hours too much? You see, even the question of sleep can cause stress. If we are tired and stressed do we run on a negative energy balance, a dis-harmony, are we out of balance within ourselves?  

Most of us have to give in to the demands of our jobs and family thus creating stress. I suppose the question is, do we sit back & put up with it? Or do we take action? Actions to bring forth our natural inner healing capabilities, the control of our beliefs and ask to us "To Be Healed Or Not To Be Healed" You decide.Lastly, I would like to address the issue of our role here at the TSL Holistic Centre. So often we ignore what the spiritual, alternative & complementary healing methods have to play in our own healing process. So through our large choice of therapies, treatments and training we will try and help you bring out your willingness to make changes in your life. Enhance your mental & emotional selves & to be as open as you can to receiving the healing from within in its highest possible expression.  - TSL Holistic Centre, 5 Wards End Loughborough 01509 239600


David Vickers

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Let us Introduce OurselvesÂ? The TSL Holistic Centre is centrally located in Loughborough, Leicestershire UK. Initially we provided a wide variety of holistic, complementary therapies and beauty treatments, such as massage, reiki, crystal healing and reflexology. However we found that we were receiving a vast number of requests for training, so we have introduced many fully accredited training courses and workshops in the field of holistic therapies and psychic/spiritual awareness. The TSL offer classroom based courses as well as distance learning courses.


Author: Helen Vickers
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