Diet Wars

  • Why is it that you can eat the best organic foods, take the finest supplements, drink plenty of fluids, exercise like mad, get plenty of sleep and still feel terrible?
  • Why can the low-cholesterol diet actually RAISE cholesterol levels in some people?
  • Why does the Atkins diet give my friend energy and help her lose weight but make me tired and put on weight?
  • Why can a nutritional supplement help one person with a disease but worsen the same condition in another person?

Are you confused about nutrition?

Every day we hear experts telling us about the latest wonder diet. One day we read that a diet high in protein and fat and low in carbohydrate will help us shed excess weight, increase our vitality and address disease and the next day we hear another expert saying that a low fat, high carbohydrate diet will prevent heart disease and help us to lose weight!

Who is right?

The traditional diet of the Eskimo is 80% - 90% animal protein and fat, yet they don’t suffer from heart disease or cancer. This is because they actually need these slow burning foods to survive their harsh climate. Over time, their metabolism has adapted to their diet. Compare this diet to that of the Hunzukuts in Asia who are renown for their good health and longevity. Many generations ago they adopted a diet that was high in complex carbohydrates and vegetables and relatively low in protein and fats. In order to stay healthy and fit, these two groups have learned that they must eat according to their native ancestral diet.

So a diet that is healthy in one part of the world can be very unhealthy in another. Interestingly, when people introduce foods that are foreign to them, such as the typical U.K. foods, or they emigrate and adopt the food of their new environment, then they start to suffer the same degenerative diseases as us. Apparently, the only bald men living amongst the Hunzucuts were educated in England and became quite fond of the food here!

The old adage “One Mans Food Is Another Mans Poison” is literally true. We are all as unique as our fingerprints so why would we think that there is a single diet that works for us all? If such a diet worked, then it would have been discovered a long time ago.

There are foods that are unhealthy for all of us, but there are some healthy foods that are not healthy for everyone. The health benefits of any food are dependant upon the stimulatory, or inhibitory effects on the biochemistry of any individual, or “metabolic type”. Different foods have the power to strengthen or weaken metabolic imbalances so you need to know which foods will improve how you feel, and which will make you feel worse.

How can you find out about your Metabolic Type?

Metabolic typing is all about matching your diet to your own unique needs. These needs are determined by the way that some of your regulatory control systems operate. These regulatory control systems determine how efficiently your body works, and how they manage your body processes.

Controls, such as the Autonomic nervous System, AKA the master regulator of metabolism, and your Oxidative rate, (the rate at which your body metabolises, or converts foods and nutrients into energy). So you need to know what is special about these systems in your body. This knowledge can tell you what kind of proteins, fats and carbohydrates you need and also in what ratios you need them. William Wolcott discovered in 1983 that each of us is Dominant in one of these systems and he called this the Dominance factor. This discovery essentially explains that any food and any nutrient can have opposite biochemical effects in different individuals, or different Metabolic Types. In its complete form, the Healthexcel metabolic typing programs consider 9 such regulatory control systems.

We are all different.

Externally, we have different hair and skin colours, textures and different bone structures, builds and personalities. We are all different internally too, that means we all process and use foods and nutrients differently. Some people need fast burning foods because their body metabolises foods slowly. An example is a friend of mine called Margaret. She is a slow oxidiser dominant and for breakfast she eats fruit and a boiled egg. Her husband, who is a fast oxidiser, tucks into oatmeal and kippers. Both have reported an increase in their energy and endurance and both continue to lose their excess weight since they started eating according to their metabolic type.
You really don’t need to understand all of the science behind metabolic typing in order to reap the health benefits for yourself. These include an increase in energy and mental clarity, freedom from cravings and hunger between meals, improved digestion and immunity, excellence in athletics, a decrease in fatigue, anxiety and even depression. Ideal weight can be achieved without a struggle and you can prevent and reverse many degenerative conditions.


Well the book “The Metabolic Typing Diet” by W. L. Wolcott and T. Fahey is now out in paperback in the UK and you can find it at most good book stores and on line at It contains a self-test questionnaire that will tell you about your basic metabolic type.

The science and the tests for our other metabolic typing programs are here and available and you will also have a highly trained Certified Healthexcel Advisor who can monitor your nutritional needs.

Metabolic Typing presents you with a nutritional program specifically for your kind of metabolism, which meets the special and unique nutritional needs of the one and only you.

Sheri Dixon D. N. Th. is the Director of The Metabolic Typing Centre supplying Healthexcel Information, Programs and Training courses for therapists in the U.K. She studied Clinical Nutrition for 3 years at the College of Natural Therapy and is registered with the British Association of Nutritional Therapists. She visited the USA to study Metabolic Typing with the Healthexcel Metabolic Education Centre. She is a member of the Metabolic Typing Association and The British Holistic Medical Association. She is a qualified Reiki practitioner and has had training in Kinesiology and Herbal Medicine and is the author of many written articles about nutrition. She chooses to practice Metabolic Typing because it consistently gives predictable, reliable, scientific results.
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Author: Sheri Dixon D. N. Th.
Copyright © 2023 Sheri Dixon D. N. Th.. All rights reserved

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