Finding a Reiki Master

 One question I am frequently asked by Reiki students and those new to Reiki is:

 How do you find a good Reiki Master?

 I'm afraid there is no simple answer to this question.

 But to help us, we firstly need to remove the spiritual aspect of Reiki and look at it in the same way we would any professional course. If, for instance, we want to learn computing we would look for a certain standard in course content and in the teacher. These standards are applicable to any course, even a healing one.

 It is appropriate to ask about the qualifications of the teacher and for how long they have studied. Are they under continuous assessment from a teacher or mentor? Do they keep up to date on the latest changes in their specialist field? Where did they train and with whom? Are they new to teaching or have they been teaching for a while. (A new teacher is not bad, but you may prefer someone with more experience.) How big are their classes and do they offer support after the course? Do they provide any written material for you take home?

 You would expect a good teacher to willingly and happily share their history with you and to share of their own personal experience. Their love of the job should shine through.

 On a very practical level we wouldn't necessarily choose a teacher who is constantly on the move. There are always questions that arise once a course is finished and it can be extremely frustrating having questions but no-one around to answer them.

 Now if we ask these questions to a Reiki Master we should have a good idea of their Reiki history and how they came to be a Master. And a good idea of how qualified they are to teach.

 However this is where Reiki differs from other courses. There is the spiritual side of Reiki that we must consider.

When someone becomes a Master it is hopefully because they have shown the dedication and respect for Reiki that it truly deserves. A true Master will have attained a high level of understanding of the Universe and of the people around us. A Master's heart should be filled with love and compassion for fellow man. The master should have a clearly visible relationship with their inner spirit which should manifest itself in their work.

Even though there are many different styles of healing that exist in the world today, but they all have one thing in common Â? the heart. All true healing comes from the heart and is based upon love. Without this love, there is no flow of energy and hence no healing occurs.

 Reiki is an incredible energy that can truly perform miracles. It is a humbling experience working with this power. I feel strongly that any Reiki Master should be humbled and even in awe of this amazing energy. Arrogance is not one of the qualities we seek when choosing a Master.

However whilst arrogance should not be welcomed, confidence is. A confident master will make their students feel at ease. The students will trust what their master says and feel certain of their own abilities, as they will feel able to impart their newly learned knowledge with confidence.

 But I feel mostly importantly that you must choose your master with your heart and your gut instinct Â? the relationship between a master and student should be one for life. If you doubt that there is a flow of energy and a free communication between you and your proposed Master, then they are not for you.

 The title of master is often misinterpreted. Many see its meaning as suggesting the Reiki Master knows all there is to know about Reiki. I see it in the opposite way. To me, being a Reiki Master, means I have let Reiki be the master of my life. I let this higher intelligent energy be my guide through the journey of life. It simply isn't possible to know everything about the universe and how it works; to have complete understanding about the healing process of the human body. I am humbled every day by the power of Reiki and its infinite possibilities. And I pray that I always will be.

About the author:

I was trained as a Reiki Master by one of the most renowned and respected masters in England. I first began healing 17 years ago before choosing to specialise in Reiki. After studying Reiki for 2 1/2 years I qualified fully as a Reiki Master in 1997. As a healer I enjoy inspiring and helping people to become the empowered, optimistic, healthy and happy individuals that they wish to be.


Author: Christina Moore
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